20 simple tips how to die by stupidity. Part 2

We continue to tell you the scary and true stories. This is the second part of how to avoid your own stupidity. If you missed the first part, click on the link. Well, who read the beginning – go further.

11. Do not touch trees standing at an angle.

It would seem that if you followed the rules of the forest,

There is a very bad effect. There can be a burst along. Cree foreground can be forever. Plus, it can be a bit transient.

Statistics: In 2012, 32 people died in the US under similar circumstances.

What do you do?

12. Do not take on the chest

No, this is not about drinking, this is about sports. The last data has been shown for the past 150 years, such as baseball, hockey and Commotio cordis (shaking of the heart). This is what happens to the ventricles, which leads to cardiac arrest.

Statistics: From 1996 to 2010, 224 such cases were registered in the USA. Shaking the heart is the no. 1 killer in baseball in the United States, which is 2-3 deaths per year.

It is a 35% (according to statistics from 2000–2010), 15% when physicians began to attend dangerous competitions.

13. Watch out for the trees.

It turns out that it is not the worst. Trees – that’s what scary no less. If you are a hunger, it can be fatal. Such accidents often happen to those who hunt with bows.

This is a list of fatal outcomes from random shots.

What to do: Use seat belts when climbing a tree. Especially – when you settle for firing from a bow … and from a gun.

14. Clever uphill will not go

There are a lot of tourists who love to travel and meet each other. For an untrained person, this can end sadly. Agree, it is always easier to climb up

Statistics: among the top three accidental deaths in the wild, along with cardiac arrest and drowning. Tourists make up 11% of the total number of hits.

What to do: Try to find a bypass. If you are stuck on a mountain, call the rescuers. You can find faster.

15. Do not drink too much water.

We can lead to dizziness, convulsions and death. However, a glut of liquid is no less dangerous.

In 2002, the 28-year-old runner of Cynthia Lucero collapsed halfway through the Boston Marathon. In the hospital, she fell into a coma and died. As it turned out, she drank too much water while running. Excess fluid during exercise caused by hyponatremia, disrupting the sodium balance in the blood. This caused swelling of the brain.

Statistics of the athletes who have been frightened during the exercise. During the training period from 1989 to 1999 in the US Army practiced taking the amount of water during training in the heat. During this period, at least 6 soldiers died because of hypontremia.

What to do: Do ​​not drink more than 1.5 liters of water per hour. During the periods of heavy sweating.

16. Use Generators with Care

When the infrastructure was badly damaged, it was used by many generators to use their own generators. The generators worked for days, even at night, emitting carbon monoxide, or carbon monoxide, which we understand better. Naturally, he leaked into the house. It was caused by carbon monoxide

The color of carbon monoxide. If you fall in a room with carbon monoxide, you will not wake up.

Statistics: From carbon monoxide poisoning (in particular from generators), almost 200 people die a year. The number of people who died of carbon monoxide poisoning died.

Car running on at least 6 meters from the house.

17. Do not ride down the hill

Climbers and climbers, However, it was not clear that the ice was melted and it was uncontrollably rolled.

In 2005, alpinist Patrick Wang, 27, died on Mount Winti in California. It was determined that the 300 m ledge.

Statistics: one or two people per year from similar cases.

What to do: Slide areas. There is a possibility that you’ll be able to get a little bit more than a scraper.

18. Go with the flow

This year the season began, especially in Gulf Shores, Alabama. Within two days, in early June, 4 adult men sank. They hit the breaker current. These currents are dangerous. For currents, for example.

Statistics: Every year more than 100 Americans are killed in such currents.

If you want to be able to reach the coast, do it.

19. Fight the heat

In Utah, there is a rock wave, and a rather beautiful formation, However, there is arid terrain, and the weather is hot. In July last year, it was found dead. The reason is overheating. Her husband could call for help.

Statistics: On average, 675 people die annually in the United States from the effects of overheating.

What to do: go for a walk Where are you?

20. Be careful

Final and logical advice. As we see it, they’re getting in touch with the people themselves and their attitude towards the simplest safety standards. Not getting sick.

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20 simple tips how to die by stupidity. Part 2

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