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The situation in our world is getting worse. It is at least not zero. There are no meat grinder. Therefore, it will be better to listen to you. It is “absolutely.”

1. The first impression is the most stable

If you managed to be captured, imprisoned, in the zone – remember: it is from how will you behave and what to say, depends very much, specifically – your life.

In short, one piece of advice: DON’T YOU … BEING. Ask – answer in the case. Do not ask – be silent and listen. Talk less about yourself, if you really understand this. Do not go where they do not ask. It is a good idea to try it. Try to understand what this is. And having understood, start to match her.

2. You are only your merits

A logical continuation of the previous paragraph. Only if the impression is created immediately, then “Weight” is according to merit.

If you’re immediately ready to make a complaint? If you immediately show others that you are “a priori cooler than them,” you will definitely get it in your face. If you’re sure you’re getting you money, you can get it again.

You are one, and there are many. And in an extreme situation, everything very quickly falls into place.

3. No matter who you were before.

Now it is absolutely no one cares. As we said above – you “weigh”. An extra ballast.

Moreover, it is even a dangerous ballast. “Money, you say? And maybe now there? It is necessary to share! And they will make you. Therefore, once again: NOT YOU … BEING. And reach for their work. Most often – the usual guys and men from the provinces. Here they are perfectly oriented in such conditions. And they most often survive. And even help, if that.

4. Do not be a victim

Gone are the days when someone could be diluted “for pity.” During the Big Piz .. ets (usually it was abbreviated as “BP”), no disregards, no one regrets anyone.

So that being a “victim” is a shitty tactic. Pathetic means useless. Useless means consumable. But if there is a certain “core”, then this is a completely different matter. These may already be helpful. And oh, how I don’t want to scatter.

5. Contact people

I am already learning something.

What is it for? If you’re not so good, you can’t have to do it. Just because you are a “dark horse,” and they don’t like them.

They love everything to be simple. Useful fools love. Sociable types love, it’s a bit more pleasures for a sluggish piz .. ets. In this case, you need to be clinging to your tongues.

6. If you started to beat – go to the deaf protection

Do not want to kill, beat, intimidate, rob – that’s yes. But do not kill.

But if he is the victim, then he can. So do not fight back – squat, fall, close the vulnerable parts of the body. But do not be humiliated – see point 4.

Do your best minimize damage, to submit. If you survive, you will find more. But the kidney hell.

7. Take care of internal organs

A couple of hours. And the liver. And broken buds also will not add health.

So by all means cover the vulnerable organs. Even with a broken rib, you can survive.

8. You can break anyone

Just remember that. Torture is prohibited only in the civilized world, and undesirable if someone finds out about it. And during the magnus .. etsa all will not care. If you want it a long time with taste.

So that do not give the bastards this pleasure. It is a relatively complete traitor than a legless, disabled hero.

9. When there are no other options – fight.

Psychology and interpersonal skills are, of course, good. But sometimes they are useless. especially when you’ve heard nothing against you. You can’t here then have to fight hard. Any items at hand. Any dirty tricks.

If you are left behind, then you will survive. If not, why lose something?

Even complete thugs understand this. And to spoil the skin with it absolutely reluctance.

10. It is important to plug all extra holes in the body.

Especially important if you got a wound to the chest. We need to avoid pneumothorax in every way. And even the simplest plastic bag. The air inside doesn’t get what we need.

Yes, and for other injuries better immediately cover the above hole, to protect from dirt from outside.

11. First aid trainings are meaningless.

At best, you will have a lot of “useful” knowledge. Therefore, you can throw wheels, plug the wound with something. And even drag the injured body (maybe your own) to normal doctors. If they, of course, still remain.

Things to remember: if heavy bleeding – put a harness and swallow painkiller. If you are a woman, he will be able to pin it out. If a bullet wound is an anesthesia, a pressure bandage on a wound, a tourniquet with severe bleeding. Do not try to pull the bullet yourself.

12. Get involved in sports right now.

Seriously. It will be too late.

No one will wait for you at the crossings. Either keep pace, or “good luck, all the best.” And both endurance and physical strength are important. Long run is one thing. A long run in a 16kg bookcase. So that prepare in advance.

13. Take care of your feet.

He carefully watched the corps.

And the blisters will be. They will definitely be, because you will have to walk very, very much. And not always in comfortable shoes. So by all means try to prevent the appearance of callus, otherwise you will turn into a sedentary invalid. It is critical.

14. Simple snot – dangerous crap

If there is a snot, then the body is already bad. Do you really need to get rid of it?

In your state, any hypothermia is like death. Try hard whenever possible, warm up and warm up. Newspaper or padding in boots is great. Drying your mittens whenever possible is excellent. Well, and so on.

Do not f … come from a fire. Matches, lighter – this is the case. If they are not there, use a tracer. It is strongly, but not for long.

15. Forget about TV survival.

This is not what it teaches. It doesn’t need to be hygienic procedures. It is more than will become.

But in fact, hygiene is much more important than grub. You can stretch. A dirty truhan next day will provide a scuff. therefore at every opportunity – personal hygiene. We wash it, we wash it, at least – socks and pants, we dry footwear. More than blisters and scuffs.

16. Pantophagy is good

What is the showman mentioned above? you can eat and drink everything.

Yes, there is a risk. Yes, it is better to boil water. But if there is a risk of dehydration, it’s not so good. It’s not a bad situation. It was the case – they drank from the swamp, and nothing. An honored worker told me how he was lying around – still alive.

17. “Our younger friends” – great food

When pripret – gobble up. And even more so.

Therefore, here are a couple of chips:

  • you can’t collect useful things;
  • cows shoot by the horns – to interrupt the spinal cord;
  • it is not necessary to take care of it.
  • spending time on ordinary fishing is stupid, just jamming with grenades;
  • and it tastes disgusting.

18. In general, eat less

Optimal diet – twice a day. The less you eat, the better. Why? It was decal steering wheel.

One less pro you eat less often you crawl. It is still a pleasure. Yes, and during the search for “secluded places”.

19. Melted snow is not the best water.

But, sometimes, the only one. What is garbage. Melted snow, in fact – pure distillate. That is, there are no salts and impurities. therefore melted snow water. The solution is to add ordinary salt. Or ash if there is no salt. But it’s better to just boiled water.

If boiling is not possible – use any chlorine-containing chemistry. Splash into a canister for 4 hours, but not overdo it.

20. And most importantly – no alcohol!

DO NOT DRINK. Simply. At all. Never. It doesn’t thirst, doesn’t quench thirst, doesn’t In addition, if you are drunk, then you can’t give you any resistance.

And yet – if you drink near – quietly, but quickly dump. There is nothing more dangerous than a bukharika with a firearm.

21. Vodka, diesel, sweet, cigarettes – currency

Banal barter becomes extremely important. Always always have a stock of the above things, even if you don’t drink or smoke.

22. Any extreme situation – the psyche.

Survives one who knows how to adapt. Who is faster than others understands what’s what. Who knows how to act. But it does not slip into permissiveness and tries to remain human. This is the most important thing – to remain a normal person. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds.

23. Do not let apathy

Apathy reduces the speed of your reaction, “binds” the brain and hands. Therefore, always act – it is better to routine than inaction.

The easiest way – brush your teeth every day and shave. Yes, stupid. Yes, it is useless in the conditions of BP. But you have to do it. Like everything else for survival. Everything with small things begins. Devil. Details …

24. Try not to be afraid

Advice that is easier to follow than to follow. In war, it is not possible. But there is fear chilling, paralyzing the will and legs.

And sometimes – it is an active one. therefore avoid those who can – This garbage oh how contagious. It is often wild and ridiculous. But damn, it sometimes works. It is a little more than a piece of meat.

25. Whenever possible – dump

Seriously. If you are going to create a brand pease …

If possible – dump as fast as possible. But there is often no such road, roadblocks on the roads. And deserters are almost always shot. But if there is a real chance – it is better to fall down. This is neither shameful nor embarrassing. This is a matter of survival.


The above honored worker above, whose name is intentionally hidden. He didn’t really want to do it, but he didn’t really want to do it. war correspondent. He was wounded, experienced the same way as interrogation and torture. Once was on the verge of death, miraculously survived.

This is why it’s not a problem. Although it’s not

Survive a meat grinder: 25 tips on how to stay alive

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