3 effective exercises for training your feet in shooting

Leg training – that aspect of shooting that is overlooked. However, you can achieve great results.

It is possible to maintain proper control over the weapon. It’s not a problem.

This is a good result, while I get it, I get it.

Here’s the path to agility:

1. Coordination ladder (Speed ​​Ladder)

It’s important to keep it up.

Once you are comfortable with the movement, you can take it easy. The heart of your feet doesn’t need to tighten the muscles of your feet.

2. Shuttle Run

The main focus is the “explosive” force and the change of direction. For training I use exercise 5-10-5. Set three markers, at a distance of 5 meters from each other. Start at the center marker and, on command, run one way (5 meters). After you reach the back marker, you can’t reach the third marker on the opposite side. When you reach the marker, quickly run away from the marker.

Shooting range: Do the same exercise with a weapon. Install 15-centimeter gongs at a distance of 9 to 10 meters for each distance. At a gong, then run to another outer marker.

You can move the marker only after the gong is struck.

3. “Gimlet”

It is necessary to install the cones in a line, 10 meters. Then set the meter to conti.

Start – to the right of the first cone. Move the zigzag between the “cone” until you reach the fourth cone. Then “explode” and run to the last cone.

This is a way to maintain balance.

Shooter quickly start or stop. In the past, many shooters overlooked leg training. However, it is much faster and more accurate.

About the author: Simon “J.J.” Rakaza

Simon rakaza (Simon “J.J.” Racaza) ranked 2nd (2015) in the world according to the International Pistol Shooting Confederation in the Production class. Three times world champion in open, limited and production classes. He was the instructor at the police academy.

Translation – Yuri Ignatov

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