3 reasons why the shooter needs Krav Maga

Why does a man who owns a weapon, Krav Maga?

If there are firearms, no matter what – a carbine, shotgun, pistol (or “trauma”, which is much more suited to our realities), then most of the problems can be solved with a pair of well-aimed shots. Yes, the very presence of weapons in the hands of the defender is not bad so mutes the heat of any aggressor. Or not?

Alas, but not always. And in such situations, Krav Maga will help out – the art of self-defense, in which you have to specifically and hard beat people, and not some traditional martial art, which is often taught to “dance” around the enemy, and not to fight. And the shooter needs the Israeli hand-to-hand combat system for the following reasons …

1. Prioritization

The master of his craft pulls out a gun and shoots in a second, not more. Yeah, those same “cowboy duels” – this is not only an invention of Hollywood, but also a real technique. An ordinary trained person needs 2-3 seconds to get a gun and shoot. What during this time will have time to make the aggressor? Much. At a minimum, strike a few blows with something at your extremely busy body pulling a pistol.

A person familiar with Krav Maga may very well, with one hand removing the pistol, safely (or not) beat off the other limbs. Or decide not to touch the weapon for the time being, and concentrate on hand-to-hand combat. In any case, it seriously increases the chances of survival.

2. Distance control

In the very 2-3 seconds that a person needs to fire a shot, the aggressor can shorten the distance to absolutely uncomfortable for you. And if it does not have time – not the fact that the shot will stop the aggressive body, rushing towards you. Banal inertia and adrenaline can prevent you from actually “stopping” the enemy.

And this is where the basic skills of a Krav Maga come in handy – automatically react, dodge, leave the attack channel, and if necessary inflict a series of blows on the enemy (you may not need further shooting here). Or, to create conditions for shooting point-blank, which also need to train separately.

3. Constant readiness

In such a situation, you do not need to think about what will happen next. Just because this “later” may not be. No need to think about how to defend yourself so that he doesn’t do much harm to this reptile either – he sincerely wants to ruin your life. So you need to be ready to hurt. And even kill. And it is precisely this – the readiness for battle and the constant readiness to react, and teaches the Israeli system Krav Maga. And also to how to use your own adrenaline in their own interests. Alas, the theory here will not help the case – only practice.

In principle, all this can be learned without doing martial arts – courses on improving the skill of situational awareness, workshops on defense shooting, actions in extreme situations – all this is. But, to be honest, it is much better to learn how to defend yourself in those cases when the pistol is not at hand.

Self defense

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