3 separate victims of attacks in Spain, more than 100 victims

Well, Europe does not learn anything. Nothing. They still believe that they are for the ISIL. And there is no difference. This time fell on Spain.

So. Chronology terrorist attacks in Spain next one

August 17th Day. Barcelona On a tourist street Rambla a van enters the crowd. More and goes in zigzags, but at full speed. Almost 2 blocks drove by. There were 3 people who tried to escape from the scene. As for the victims – 13 people died, more than 100 were injured. It was threatened with nothing. The number of deaths may increase, since about 15 people are in critical condition.

August 17th Evening. Alcanar 160 km from Barcelona. The explosive device kills at least 1 people. A police officer. And this is the second explosion in 2 days.

August 17th Night. Cambris is a small port town 120 km from Barcelona. It is a group of people who see it. 7 people were injured, including 1 policeman. But the terrorists were quickly eliminated. Shoot to kill – 5 corpses. Just like spring in England. As shown by the subsequent inspection – there were death belt on the corpses. Only fake.

For all people responsible for terrorist attack in Barcelona. Morocco, the Spanish citizen. All Muslims, of course.

For all terrorist attacks in Spain took responsibility for ISIS. And we already know for sure that Muslims were at least 2 criminals. Most likely, the situation is similar. Peaceful followers of peace and peace of mind. This is an option. And it doesn’t matter if the performers survive.

But unlike France, Spain is not going to surrender. In the contrary, it can be publicly stated that only “National unity, you can stop terrorism.” The words are beautiful.

And I wonder where world terrorism will hit next? And that will strike – no doubt.


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