3 tricks to break toughened glass with a pocket knife

Even with glass is not so easy. break glass, get out of the car But there is no time for trial and error! Fortunately, there are 3 simple tricks to help you. break tempered glass.

Ignore the windshield and focus on the side windows.

It is important to make sure that the driver has his own windshields. “The windshield, remember to keep it fragments together,” asserts Destin sandlin, creator of a popular YouTube channel “Smarter Every Day”. Do you want to make it different? “When try to break triplex, This is not only the case for the frontal glasses. “

Use the narrowest part of your knife.

Brian Brushwood says from the transmission. “Hacking the System” from the National Geographic Channel. Even without your cullet pocket knife Remains the most convenient and easily accessible tool for this business. In this situation, find the glass window. Pushing the knife “It is a clear object,” said Brushwood.

Beat it in the center.

Try break tempered glass with a hammer, hitting the center. “These glasses are not specifically designed to be stronger,” says Sandlin. And confirms his words with the video.

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Comments from the editors. It would seem obvious advice. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who are trying to knock out. Yes, sometimes it works, especially if the glass is “no time for experiments!” Rightly noted. Nevertheless, some useful tips can still be added.

  • Do not attempt to punch the glass with your fist or elbow. Seriously, it’s only in computer games and Hollywood movies that works. And even if you break it, your limb will hurt later. If there are no tools at hand, a sturdy boot. And only on the side window.
  • Do not attempt to knock out the windshield. It is glued into place. And the triplex itself holds a great blow. Here on the Soviet machines, where lobovuha is fixed on withered gum, such a focus passes easily.
  • If there is no knife, it will come off. Even ordinary keys can break tempered glass, and it is not so difficult.
  • Not necessarily beat. According to the author, it’s not enough to push hard. And yes, enough. Only need a good grip

3 tricks to help break tempered glass with a pocket knife

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