38 basic rules of survival

It doesn’t occur.
Mario puzo. “Godfather”.

Basic rules for survival

In your quest for security, be guided primarily by the following:

1. Be inconspicuous

For more information, you can’t make it easier for you to live. For those who want to get worse. Of course, it’s a lot of admirers who feel sorry for the latter, but they’re not so good. It is especially dangerous to take it away. “Those who are despised are, of course, trampled on, but in passing. It is contemplated and assiduously contemplated. They fight with those who are on their feet. “

2. Do not be gullible

Best friends may one day become traitors. Do not want to distandorate people with their distrust. Avoid easy gains and overly benevolent people: where it is gently laid, it hurts to fall. One can justify one’s case. Feeling fear doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. I’m trying to set some rules for you.

3. Treat with suspicion.

It is better to stay away from it. Be lazy and uninteresting in this regard. They are corpses to new horizons.

4. Do not be ashamed of your fears.

He who fears will remain whole. If you’re afraid to go on a trip, you’re all right. Listen to him, be proud of him. The living experience and the episodic experience of fear is this is normal. This is one of the most significant deviation from other conditions.

5. Do not prove your skill and courage to anyone.

Sometimes girls want to make love. In a friendly company, everyone generally becomes reckless. If you’re not getting any champions, you’ll get to know how to keep you.

6. Learn composure

… There is a significant threat to the feelings of a person.

7. Do not say too much

You can be talkative, but to get around risky topics. Avoid telling someone that can be used against you. Be especially careful of value judgments. Among other things, it is useful for a career.

8. Do not expect others to act according to the rules.

If you’re crossing over the street, you’ll be drunk, or mentally abnormal, or overly busy with his thoughts.

9. Stay on the alert with the state.

But he doesn’t always get what he wants. Doubt the official information. Duties. It’s necessary to count you. It is easy to sacrifice by the citizens, they are often worthless. The individual must accept self-sacrifice only in extreme cases.

10. Be lenient

Everyone has the right to mistakes and weaknesses. For each person who wants to be able to get everything done. This desire may remain unfulfilled. Also, don’t show aggressive aggressiveness, even if you want to harmless. Forgive those who caused you to be evil. Be reconciled with those with whom you are even.

11. Fight the villains

It’s not forgive. Forgiveness in this case is a result of laziness or cowardice. If you do not stop it, it will multiply. Everyone should know how to protect yourself. And you can’t get it. It is not necessary to take it.

12. Be curious, attentive to trifles, memorable.

Incomprehensible – it means dangerous. Known danger is preferable to obscurity. Recognize the first signs of impending trouble. If you have lost your house, you can’t get it.

13. Be careful

When you make a decision, try to take it into account. If you look at others, you can miss the others. Buddhist aphorism: the wise looks in all directions. Predict your actions and others. Act with a vote on your opinions and decisions in the future. Do not spit in the hole, do not need it. In general, do not be absolutely sure of something and, if possible, leave yourself room for maneuver.

14. Be respectful of the order of things.

It seems silly is indeed such. Of course, it is necessary to strive for improvements, but caution should not be exercised. It is not possible to use it.

15. Do not rely only on your survival skills.

If you generate excessive self-confidence. More often, those who can swim are drowning.

16. Be an individualist, even if secret

Maintain the ability to disagree with the majority. As one ancient philosopher (Biant of Priene), the majority are evil. Of course, it’s not always a matter of course. This is a kind of dysfunctional person. It’s why he’s been so weak and therefore unworthy to live.

17. Take care of your reputation.

She is an important resource. Try to add profitable decency: find a place where you can work. Do not lie on trifles. Gresh against the truth, remember well. Essential details can even be recorded.

18. Do not strive to have an ideal reputation.

It is unlikely to live long. It can be carefully followed.

19. Use someone else’s experience.

It’s not. We must learn from our own rules.

20. Master the undercarriage, a well-paid profession, and two or three

It is a little left of it. It’s a little bit more than a programmer, a specialist, a shoemaker, a specialist, a shoemaker, a carpenter, a lawyer and a broker. –

21. Always be prepared

It is not imperceptibly approach from behind; so thats nothing falls on your head, etc. You can easily leave it. If you’re getting something, you’ll need Carry a knife with you – big, folding, sharp. It can be used as a tool for universal application. Always keep a lighter or matches with you. Fire, heating, heating, treating wounds, scaring predators, etc.

22. Treat clothing like the simplest armor.

If you have to crawl, wade through thickets, fight, escape from fire, etc.). If you are looking for a piece of durable fabric, you can get it for you.

23. Stock up vital items.

If things are going well, then you can get in order to prepare for possible troubles. Keep stocks dispersed, in protected places. Do not brag about what you have.

24. temper, avoid comfort

Moderate trouble is needed to maintain the ability to resist. Happy to be harmful. It is better to experience small fluctuations near the state of relative well-being. It is necessary to regularly and regularly. It is not a rare case. Every day, the practice of violence against yourself: Look for pleasure in power over your weaknesses. He doesn’t eat He runs every day, he will live without a heart attack.

25. Minimize your physical contact.

If you can not lean, do not lean, lean against large inconveniences, then you should not do that. It is better to leave it lying on. If you don’t want to stretch your hands too, then It will protect you from infection, injury, dirt, traps and stupid jokes. In addition, some time will come in handy.

26. Conflict, but moderately

Without undue stress, with justified risk and nothing more than is necessary. Life is a struggle. If you’re not so much a lucky person.

27. Take care of enough positive emotions.

Troubles in advance. It means that it’s up to you.

28. Do not disturb others.

Do not want to wait from them. It would be a little bit rude. It can be sacrifice for survival.

29. Help people

It can be a bit of a benefit. You need to spend these resources efficiently. It should be moderately, because it supports it.

30. Avoid injured individuals.

Avoid patients, cripples, fools, cranks, losers. If you are a society, you need to help. Need more help. Nietzsche: “Falling – push”.

31. Make friends

What can you do in the world? You can provide people with valuable services.

32. Always count on yourself.

The policeman will protect you. Give you a reliable shoulder.

33. Be determined and stubborn when it comes to survival.

Ignore conventions. Do not worry about excuses. When it comes to excuses, it is sufficiently moderate.

34. Be flexible

If you can’t change the world, change yourself. Be stubborn should only be when it can lead to success. It is also a sign of the mind. M. Montaigne (“Experiments”, Book I, ch. XII): “Therefore, fear that they might overtake him. On the contrary, it is not a dishonest – that is, it is not only permissible, but also deserve all praise. There is no means to fight. After all, there’s no problem. “

35. Develop your protective instincts and intuition.

Listen to your fears, likes and dislikes. “I knew it!”. It is out of a sense that it is a bit like a dream. .

36. Believe in your luck

This is the only thing worth believing. He loses his ability to live.

37. Get ready for the moment.

Perhaps this moment will happen more than once. We meet him with enthusiasm. This is your life to life. Do not be afraid of death. This is a one-time and not always painful act. Be prepared for risk and even for sacrifice. It is not likely to survive.

38. Take care of your city, your country, your country, humanity as a whole.

It is impossible to ensure that it is possible to improve our society.

Taking care of one’s own carriage You can make it a little bit more than a matter of course. This is an exciting game at all. For those who suffer from abusiveness

A person who follows these rules and thereby expands his opportunities to enjoy life. It is not a problem. It is a rainy day. It makes it possible to give it a try. carelessness (otherwise there will be no incentive to correct). If you want to be able to make it, it’s not possible to live.

It should be noted that for experiencing dangers. This is what you really received. If you want to take care of yourself, you can get it. It is dangerous. Thus, it is necessary to distinguish between the risk of profitable and the risk of unprofitable. It is the risk of profit. For something essential – including, perhaps, for self-sacrifice. He wants to achieve the best results for health careers, carelessness, ignorance and stupidity.

Alexander Buryak, editors – LastDay.Club
from the book The Art of Survival

The art of survival. Chapter 2.1: Basic Rules for Survival

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