4 main ways to extract water in the cold season

It is clear that there has been a loss of life. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have severe frosts. It has been shown that it can be affected by cold injuries such as hypothermia and frostbite. In this article, I’m here on the cold weather.

1. Water generator

This is a fairly simple device for water extraction. Find out what is a big amount of snow. I usually use the parachute section because I teach the “downed” pilots survival. It needs to be filled with snow. Make it in the parachute melts. The water can be put into the water tank. But it will save from thirst.

2. Melting ice

Also simple enough method water extraction. Moreover, ice during melting will not produce more water than snow, because of its high density. Melt it in a metal cup or similar container. The water is obtained from the ice. If you are on the coast of the ocean or the sea? He (ice) is likely to be without salt.

3. Rivers, ponds

Take away the gloves. Be careful not to slip into the water. It is better to take water in capacity, of course. In case of water flow

4. One of the favorite methods – on the go.

I pour the snow into the water The temperature inside doesn’t freeze. Water in your flask.

Cold water:

  • Keep containers with water with cap down. Water freezes from the bottom to the bottom.
  • Do not put on the bag in which you sleep. If they burst or leak, it doesn’t bode well. I usually put the jars between the bed and the sleeping bag. It doesn’t let water to freeze.
  • You can also see the depth of water. This will not allow water to freeze.
  • And, of course, do not forget to clean the extracted water.

Dehydration. In my practice, I often came across the cold, rather than the heat. Worry more about water extraction, rather than searching for food. If you want to drink, try to move it. Take care of yourself.

Water extraction

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