4 simple steps to ensure autonomous existence

It is not a secret.

How does an ordinary person live? Goes to work, gets there by transport or car. Buys food in stores. He has water in the tap. Electricity in the outlet. Garbage is taken for a dump, take it out. Life turns into an automated process.

But at least one link? Are you personally ready for this? Mass hysteria. But we are harsh survivors, Yes? Cataclysm didn’t take you by surprise?

Below we give 4 autonomous existence regardless of anything.

1. Agriculture

Learn at least initial skills. It is recommended that you use your original form. If you can, you’ll be able to make the most of the banal tomatoes. Ideally, it’s a great deal to help you autonomous existence.

2. Put in your “stove”

No matter what the heat source is autonomous existence. It is simple and affordable for home heating and cooking. It uses any combustible firewood. Such a stove takes a lot of space, and in a case.

3. Canning and food storage

If you’re looking for food, you can get it. Here you will be incredibly help your skills. To preserve your meat. Throw out most of the carcass, this is a huge waste. Goes for vegetables and fruits. It is a fresh, dry store.

4. Beer brewing and distillation

There is no reason why you should not be perplexed. However, if you’re not a lawyer, you’re not If, in addition to water, you need it more than once. It will be a matter of fact.

To summarize Of course, self-reliance and autonomous existence This is the perfect deal, even in ordinary life. However, we understand that there is a survival, where it is always the strongest and usually it is not very long. However, it can be easier for you. If there is water, food, warmth, you will be alive. Something besides that is even better.

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