4 simplest but effective african minesweeper

Virtually any fighting leaves in the ground. This and unexploded shells, and specially buried mines. Yes, it has been banned by all the parties. Especially in Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in particular.

There is a great danger there. It is a matter of fact. So mine issues were taken seriously. And that’s what came of it.

Immediately clarify. This is Africa. Moreover, it is Africa of the 70s. So buy normal minesweepers or use full-fledged harsh MRAPs was not possible. But I wanted to live, so I had to get out.


Idea itself Pookie ingenious – put mine detector It’s not a problem. And one Ernest Conschell guessed Milton’s mine detector (a piece of it is extremely simple) to the wheelbase. At first – the Bedford truck, but it turned out not so. Therefore, it was decided to take a chassis cabin from a Volkswagen car.

Let’s just say it worked out well. Later that “the pooky” was lightened so much that even anti-personnel mines no longer responded to it. It has been noted that there has been a slight increase in the number of holes.

For all the time of operation, this vehicle died of the mines. Moreover, it was literally “on the knee”. But about 12 units of “Puki” were destroyed from anti-tank grenade launchers. Yet, there is no particular risk.

“Mantis” (Hottentotsgot / Hotnotsgot)

It was a flaw in the “Puppies” – It wasn’t really mined. The first such option was the “Mantis”.

The meaning is simple. It was taken for a car, it was a harrow, it was a set. The harrow picked up mines from the ground and detonated them. If it didn’t work out – then the weight of the wheelbase Hottentotsgot enough to cause an explosion. When the destruction became too large, the wheelbase was simply replaced and drove on.

Spider (Spinnekop)

It can also be considered. Therefore, a machine was developed, called Spinnekop, or “Spider”. It is strongly supported; Milton’s mine detector, which has already proven its effectiveness. You want to move on. This will give you a chance to move further. Moreover, it was not a problem. It would not roll over during the explosion. And on top of that, they also installed a machine gun.

Frame can be installed and primitive knife minesweeper. Just in case. It turned out that it has been released. It is quite difficult to manage and repair. So from the “Spider” refused in favor of simpler options.

“Centipede” (Duisendpoot)

It’s not even the danger of mines. Therefore, it couldn’t be used to fully trawling roads. So to the few in the military MRAPThey began to cling to special carts – “Centipedes.” Absolutely that you exploded. Plus, it’s possible to get it out of the way.

As you can see, Africans have long been in a dumb, but very effective armored vehicles. Where is the “civilized” troops? What is the approach to survival?

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