45th Guards Special Forces Airborne Brigade

Forwarding the airborne forces.

There is no random contact. It is accepted that the same time.

“Selection of his personal files,” says Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Friedlender. – brigade officers It is possible to follow these guidelines.

Before training, do not pass. However, the 45th brigade of air fighters is a special part.

Under the psychological tests. However, upon receipt of the 45th brigade, each recruitment is re-tested. In this case, it is extremely important. After all, they will be able to complete their efforts. The 45th Brigade, The Whole.

United States of America brigade for example, in the Belgorod region; Airborne Forces; last year the Belgorod graduated from the 45th brigade.

If you’re previously served on the airborne brigade guard, they are told in detail. For those who are “civilian”.

When he passes through physical training, then he passes through physical training. It is an objectively revealing of the candidate. After the exercises (running 100m), up to 3 meters, and the endurance (running 3 km), three fights are held for three minutes. This is where the volitional qualities are revealed.

“It’s not a good idea,” said Lieutenant Colonel Friedlander. – should not be taken more strictly.

Taking about 90% of the personnel of the personnel.

There is a possibility to increase the amount of money. Mortgage on the second contract. On average, a private contractor, after serving for three years, receives 35-40 thousand rubles a month.

It is not possible to use it. In addition, during the training sessions during the training sessions during the training sessions. Is there a lot of average young soot­you can go to explore? How to make friends, communicate live. There are no such friends. It is a group of people who are ready to go.

And in general, the team – one family, where they never abandoned. And after being wounded, you can find a decent and feasible business. He is now a captain of the Russian sledge hockey team.

Fighter will not be able to complete the process.

To heaven – with a “soft jellyfish”

In the special forces, they jokingly say: “I have arrived at the place – it’s just the beginning.”

It is noted that it’s not shown as a problem. Of course, this method is not easy and requires comparing the airborne training.

In the brigade parachute jumps D-10, “Arbalet-1” and “Arbalet-2”, the “wing”. Forwarding is the case for the airborne corpus … therefore, it is his military training and airborne corps.

– Airborne complex for airborne complex for airborne complex for airborne complex for airborne complex for airborne complex airborne complex for airborne complex for airborne complex

It’s been the day before the first jump.

The airborne parachutes D-10 takes place in these stages, including the airborne system. It is a process of triple control of astronaut. It is not necessary to say something.
Of the two parachute systems used in the brigade, the D-10 is easier to install. Parachute has long been worked out.

“The soldier is hardly moving away,” he said. – this is a vertical. He would land there.

“Crossbow” also has a different quality. From a kilometer of height one can go 4–5 km to the side, with complete calm. It is a 6–7 km wind tunnel.

D-10 is designed for mass landing. And any commando first masters possession of himself in the air on this parachute.

In the future, after the jumps on the D-10, he won’t be able to travel. At least seven jumps must be protracted.

“Preparation for jumping with the Arbalet-2 lasts about 20 days,” says Oleg Dmitrievich. – Special Forces officers are re-examining the airborne complex.

Owning the “Crossbow” in the 45th brigade as it should. There are there virtuosos. From a height of about 4,000 meters they flew, planning, for 17 kilometers. It will be less than 4 km. Con, the planning distance will increase.

“In addition to the Crossbow System 2, it is easier to operate,” and Rekun. “It is a rigidly mounted stabilizing system. A random fall from vertical rotation is eliminated.

But on the “Crossbow 1” parachute begins. Jumping on the “Crossbow 1” soldier must prepare even longer, given the fact that the paratrooper is thrown out.

Troop tests of the Arbalet-2 parachute system were carried out on the 45th brigade. There are at least 10 jumps in the equipment. That is, the special forces were now dressed in the communications paratroopers, then in the sappers, then in the grenade launchers, etc. In the selected group of people there were less than specialties. As a result, 180 jumps. But the undisputed champions are a team of non-standard parachute sport teams. It includes four honored masters of sports, more than 11 thousand jumps.

Bridging to make at least 10 jumps per year. “Crossbowmen” jump with their parachutes, the rest – with the D-10. Tasks at the same time are carried out the most different.

No noise and fire

In the 45th brigade, the subunit commanders persistently remind the fighters: “Where the shooting begins, intelligence ends there.” Especially deep. It is an intelligence group. If you are a woman, you’re writing it out.

However, it is possible to determine whether or not to use satellites. Can advanced 21st-century technology replace ground depth reconnaissance?

– Totally unlikely. “First Deputy Special Command” will be targeting a number of strategic facilities, ”Lieutenant-Colonel Vladimir Selivyorstov. – Secondly, after the operation of the airborne operations, will be involved. SWAT always works targeted …

“In recent years, the number of tasks has increased,” continues Vladimir Vyacheslavovich. – I will never be ours.

The basic qualities of the paratrooper

Expanding the range of tasks, however, it was unchanged. Colonel Seliverstova, is a discipline. Fire, physical, special tactics, engineering training, there are no special forces at all.

– Discipline, – says zamkombriga, – this is accuracy, paragraph­Reality in everything: in time, place and action.

In the 45th separate guards brigade the discipline is not stick-conscious. Including violators. Colonel Vadim Pankov explained later

The 45th Special Forces Brigade.

Readiness to make decisions.

The principles of learning are known from theory to practice. Practical classes are held in different locations. In the field, the commando spends at least half of his work time.

Airborne Forces Traditions and Innovations

Of the new weapons in the brigade – the BTR-82A, drones and something else. All in good repair.

“What happened in the 45th regiment 10 years ago,” said the colonel for 15 years, to the guards.

Investigations by Vladimir Vyacheslavovich. Now the personnel and equipment are fully provided with clothing and equipment.

– The equipment is very decent, – notes zamcombriga. – Of course, there is a choice of uniformity, for example, In warehousing and supplies, shifts are noticeable to anyone.

Episodes of recent history

  • In August 2008, the brigade personnel participated in the operation.
  • He received a great response. So, these trophies of the Airborne Forces.
  • In April 2010, we will ensure that we’ve been able to ensure our citizens and civilian personnel.
  • In the spring of 2014
  • The 45th brigade chronicles include the 14 Heroes of Russia. Fourth of them continue to serve in this glorious connection. Five soldiers of the 45th Brigade were awarded three orders of Courage.

45th Guards Special Forces Airborne Brigade

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