46th Guards Women’s Aviation Regiment “Night Witches”

All Soviet people contributed to the victory over Nazi Germany. He tried to organize his diet. But there were exceptions to this rule. Unique exceptions.

In 1941, Marina Raskova, 46th Guards Night Bomber Park, Marina Raskova.Night witches“For this, she gave her the message.”

What, in fact, was the plan. Using the U-2 airplanes, it’s noisy. It was good, but it was almost suicidal. It is an EDUCATIONAL OB-2 that has been made of plywood, which has reached 120 km / h. That is, if they notice, it’s not. Plus, the girls initially didn’t take their ammunition.

That is, imagine. The winter of 1943. The Germans are still a bit of a car, youn’t line up Oh yeah, there is no autosampling and sight either – only improvised devices. And then you have to come back. And sit down. At night. No lighting. Repeat 12 times. Normal February night.

Of course, there were losses. Of the 115 ladies who came on May 27, 1942, 32 people died. Someone was shot down by the enemy, someone crashed unsuccessfully while landing “Night witches”. It was spent on the war. So none of “Night witches“I didn’t go where

Night witches“If you’re a girlfriend frost bomb under a hundred kilogram weight and then repair the shot through the fuselage.

Already mentioned, originally in the composition “Night witchesThere were 115 people who flew in 20 cars. Then the number of servicemen of the 46th Guards Bomber Regiment was 265. . Absolutely suicidal conditions. The Germans were afraidnight witches“Before the stupid – they could have been resigned.

My very grandfather was a pilot. I mean a lot of stories from him. And about emergencies. It was scary, yes. But it can’t be compared with these girls. It can be then called heroes. So yes, “Night witches“Forever inscribed on the pages of heroic history of Russia.

Alley of Military Glory: Aviation Regiment &# 171; Night witches&# 187;

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