5 basic interrogation techniques used by the CIA

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“The very Munchhausen”

The interrogations are carried out solely for the purpose of the interrogator. Clarifies only some facts and details. The main subtlety is to carry out everything quickly, competently and competently. And each organization had its own interrogation techniques, written in special inconspicuous little books, designed exclusively for internal use. And in 1997, a similar little book – “KUBARK Counterintelligence Interrogation » – it has become a property of the general public. It clearly spelled out all the rules, methods and interrogation techniques, but did not contradict current legislation, but were extremely effective. And they are as follows.

1. Decor

The main thing is to create the most unfavorable conditions for the interrogated person. Smooth smooth walls, dim lighting, faded tones, a simple table, a hard chair – in short, classics of the genre. Nothing to focus on. Nothing that could have been distorted from its grievous fate. It is a soft, comfortable, comfortable chair. It is extremely important that no interrupts – no matter how long it will last. Only the interrogator can leave and enter the room. All this is an extremely depressing effect break his will to resist. It has been chosen to be one of several sizes.

2. Unpredictability

You can understand it now. If you already acknowledge and confirm is required. All claims and objections are ignored. Inter out Interrogation Techniques knock the desire to resist.

3. Preparation

It is not a problem. Admissible accommodation in the chamber of provocateurs, and preferably two. The first is clearly “rubbed” into the situation, which is appropriate. how another object would behave. Also allow the placebo method. It is given that it is normalized to be a normal vitamin.truth serum“.

4. Interrogation

Method “Good and bad copThis is the “dual language” method. interrogation reception it should not be known.

5. Threats

As practice shows, intercourse to use torture itself. People really understand how they can be, so they’re doing everything possible to avoid such a situation. Yes, let’s say the following interrogation reception – The contemplates of the torturer. It is why he will, therefore, it is better to split. Wherein threaten death It will not help.

As you can see, since 1963, the situation has changed little. You need them, interrogation techniques it is possible to withstand with varying degrees of effectiveness.

5 basic interrogation techniques used by the CIA

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