5 basic rules for throwing knives

As practice shows, you can throw absolutely any knife. Table, pen, folding, even a long and sharp nail – it does not matter, because the principles are the same everywhere. Only, of course, after a few successful shots, such an improvised throwing weapon will flap up and get blunt, so just no more will be stuck into the target. There may also be difficulty with the balance, since all these cutting items are extremely rarely balanced. Therefore, it is to study knife throwing best of all on specialized throwing knives, which can be bought at any military vent. If you can handle them properly, then any other knife will no longer be a problem for you. But let’s start from the beginning. So, 5 basic rules throwing knives. Yes, in this case we are talking about circulating throwing, because in flight the knife makes from half to one and a half turns.

Find the center of gravity

To find the center of gravity, try to balance the knife on the finger. Have a weapon perfect for throwing knives, It is located in the geometric center. But if the center of gravity is shifted – it does not matter. However, this must be considered further if you want the knife to fly exactly on target.

Estimate the distance

Depending on how many meters separates you from the target, depends on the capture point for throwing knives. Usually use a distance of three to four meters – in this case, the knife in flight has time to roll 180 degrees and enter the target with a sharpened blade. Namely, this should be the calculation.

Get the knife right

With your thumb and forefinger, grab the knife by the found center of gravity. With the rest of your fingers, press the blade against your palm. The cutting edge must of course be turned outwards. Strong pressure is not necessary. Spit on his hands – too. This will increase friction and reduce control of throwing weapons. Such a grip is recommended for a standard distance. If it is less than three meters – take the knife closer to the tip. If the distance is from four to five – then the grip should be carried out closer to the handle. Well, if the distance of throwing knives exceeds five meters, then immediately take the knife by the handle. In this case, the knife in flight will make about one and a half turn, so it can normally stick into the target.

Stand in the correct rack

If you are right handed, set your left foot slightly forward, your right hand with the knife held backwards and upwards. Wrist can not bend. Fingers at the time of the throw can not be unclamped either, since they play the role of a pistol barrel – they help guide throwing weapon exactly where it is planned.

Correctly throw

Directly at the moment of leaving your hand, the knife should not be positioned horizontally, but at a slight angle to the vertical. Yes, it is precisely due to this that he is given a twisting impulse, which ensures sticking into the target. Therefore, throwing should be carried out when the hand with a knife is somewhere at the level of the head. Squat and throw out your hand as far as possible – no need, because in this case the knife will not have time to turn 180 degrees and will not be able to stick in anywhere.

Actually, everything. Nothing complicated, but only practice will make your skill. throwing knives perfect. So take the knives and go forward into the forest, since the weather already allows.

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