5 best compasses in the world

If you are in the forest or desert. You can’t, of course, rely on GPS, but you’ll not be able to watch it anymore. It is a great way to make it.

Fortunately, modern compasses can do a lot. In fact, it is possible to carefully read the instructions. It’s a bit of a blessing.

Silva Lensatic 360

Fairly average, but reliable and relatively durable machine. The aiming lines are engraved right on the glass. This is despite the low price, it is accurate.

Cammenga Model 27CS Olive Drab Lensatic

In the military a clear, powerful and reliable tool. It has been confirmed that it has been approved by the US Department of Defense. It works at any temperature, copes with any extreme conditions. It is a flashlight.

Suunto M-3G Global

The choice of a professional. The M-3G can be used as a global compass: There are several types of marks on the rim.

Suunto M-9

It makes it possible to spend your time on the path. Lightweight, compactness, snapping, and not completing the rim. Suunto M-9 has only one drawback: it can only be used in the Northern Hemisphere.

Pocket Transit 0-360 Degree

Resist. Silicon lock case The needle moves along with the magnetic north.

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Compasses: TOP of the 5 best in the world

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