5 best multitools for EDC worth up to $ 50

You must strictly determine the amount of the kit. After all, it’s good for those who need it. But it only seems to get a full-sized multitool is easy. You need to get something adequate. Moreover, if you want to get something real and full-fledged. It is not so expensive – It’s about 50 bucks.

We will tell you about 5 best multitools for your everyday EDC set.

Leatherman wingman

If you need classic folding multitool, which can be used for years, then Leatherman wingman – your choice. Leserman’s products have been recognized as the most reliable and practical. Well, see for yourself – in a rather compact Leatherman wingman 14 different tools are placed. Can be used for all types of screwdrivers. A pair of spring cutters are the “cherry” on this “cake”.

Editorial opinion: Lezerman at a price of about 40 bucks. Not bad.

Victorinox Swiss Army Spartan

Another famous, trusted and respected name in the world multitools. If you are looking for best multitool for your EDC, who doesn’t look aggressive Victorinox Swiss Army Spartan – your choice. At work and on vacation. In addition to two knives, it can be used. And you will have it.

Editorial comment: And the price is correspondingly – almost 20 bucks.

SOG PowerAccess 2017

If you want to carry it on SOG PowerAccess 2017. Leverage is uniquely allowed. It is much less than any other multitools. Other tools packaged in a compact metal case. And this whole design weighs only 6 ounces (170 grams).

Editorial opinion: really – 62 -67 bucks. Lied to hell. But where it can be in the range of 50.

Gerber dime

And if you are fully functional, budget multitool for daily use then look at Gerber dime. It is very often 2.2 ounces (62 grams) weigh. They do not trust the knife. This multitool so you can wear it that way.

Editorial opinion: found for 33 bucks. All honest.

Boker Plus Tech-Tool City 3

If you want to choose a multitools, then your choice is Boker Plus Tech-Tool City 3. In our list of stainless steel 12C27 Sandvik. 2.8 inches (7 cm) – quite enough to solve the problems that you confront during the day. But despite the fact that it feels like a full pocket knife, he also performs functions multitool. It is seen in the same class.

Editorial opinion: found the option for 43 bucks. Maybe it is cheaper to eat.

Original article – Top 5 EDC Multi-tools Under $ 50


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