5 effective ways to hold a flashlight and pistol

This is your sign.

In addition to the gun, there is a mobile phone and maybe even a knife. But it’s more important than the previous ones. This is a tactical flashlight.

It is kept in your home. Probably not only perforate the target in the dash; Order of your loved ones. It was a flashlight and a weapon together? It can be awry.

There are different ways to hold the picture. Graduates who work on the ground.

Next we are going to give some tips and show methods of using flashlight, and tell us about the advantages of each of them. It is not a bother with names or subtleties.

Technique # 1: Hands crossed, wrists pressed

This way hold gun and flashlight is one of the most common, you see it in all films. It is a fact that the body is in contact with the body. . This method is very good for tactical lights with a button on the end.

BENEFITS: Crossed wrists and pressed wrists. Depending on the tactical need. It is a flashlight at the target.

DISADVANTAGES: Injured wrists or less flexible people. People can place the lamp too far and block the muzzle. Obviously, you can. They don’t see the target. If you have a flashlight turned on all the time, this can be a problem.

Technique # 2: A hand with a lantern touches the slide frame

For this technique we have arm with a lantern along the shutter. Depending on what you have, there are ways to do this. If your flashlight has a side buttonoption A on the image). If you’re on your backlight, you can’t take it.option B).

Another option is to hold the flashlight between the index and middle fingers. Pressing the power button is done with your thumb (see photo).

BENEFITS: This method usually works with a side-mounted switch. The method doesn’t hinder your hands.

MINUSES: This is usually not the most stable way of holding tactical flashlight, as it balances between the fingers. The method works well, only you have polished skill. After you’re lost, you’ll definitely be able to use your wife or girlfriend, or even a cracker. If you are using a continuous light source.

Technique # 3: Lantern in arm extended to the side or up

This method is somewhat reminiscent of the ugly duckling who turns into a swan. You will feel incredibly stupid tactical flashlight. You can’t remember any “cleansing”, which wouldn’t have to use it.

It is a strong handicap, it has been recklessly diverted to its side. In other words, you can remove it.

BENEFITS: Light is not your body, therefore, it is less likely. It also gives you the power of mobility and helps illuminate objects from above. The method can work well for exiting doorways or crossing corridors. You can include a pulsating light (strobe) or a pattern.

MINUSES: This technique will not receive awards. shooting racks.

Technique # 4: A flashlight next to the cheekbone

This is the simplest and most instinctive technique under stress. The arm with the gun is pulled up and the gun is pulled up and it is located near the cheekbone. It’s obvious that tactical flashlight must be positioned so that there is no lateral “flare” under the cheekbone.

BENEFITS: In such a position, it is a flashlight. Where you look, there is a beam of light. Shoot through the second hand. It is a good idea to strike with a fist or a lantern.

MINUSES: With this can be blocked, peripheral vision can be blocked. It is easy to get rid of the eyes. However, it’s right next.

Technique number 5: Flashlight mounted on a gun

The flashlight is on the gun. If you decide to secure it tactical flashlight on the gun – he should always be there. It will be very difficult to find a lantern in place.

Although it is a light on the backlight, it doesn’t matter.

It is not safer and better. It is necessary to switch the switch. There are lights that have both methods of inclusion. You can make a purchase.

BENEFITS: when looking around a room. Shoot your hands for both hands.

DISADVANTAGES: “pull” the bad guys. In addition, it’s difficult to choose weapons there. We’ll love you. However, flashlight with you.

Let’s face it: if you “cleanse” your own home – everything is very, very bad. You must prepare in advance. It will help you.

This is your home. This is your life. Turn off the light tonight and try what we talked about above.

Editor’s Note: The above methods hold flashlight and pistol It is shown by experienced specialists in the field of ammunition. Robert Parker of Praetor defense for the demonstration of various techniques).

Please complete the relevant courses before using these techniques. If you’re looking for firearms.

Translated by Yury Ignatov

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