5 extraordinarily useful properties of ordinary moss

It is possible to use it according to your experience. There is a possibility that even a modern person, of course, is capable of such. You just need to know what to use. And modern bushcrafters gradually restore this science. If you are familiar with the process. We’d better tell you about practice. For example, about what are useful properties of moss.

Peat moss or sphagnum is a special genus of mosses, inhabiting mainly swamps and in moist areas. He has formed a special hollow half-dead cells. In addition, it is a very useful kindling, fertilizer and generally extremely useful substances. In fact, it depends on the individual plant species. So.


Most sought after useful property of moss. It is 20 times its own weight. At the same time, unlike the dressing, it is possible to breathe. This prevents the reproduction of anaerobic organisms, facilitates drainage and promotes rapid healing. It becomes clear that many doctors still use sphagnum-gauze dressings as a dressing. Yes, they are sometimes treated with boric acid, but this is not necessary.

That is, yes, freshly moss can (and even should) be applied to open wounds. It is much easier to find it. Moreover, moss can be used as an insulating material for fractures. This is a bone wrinkle splash. But it isn’t necessary. And moss for insulation purposes is great. It is wet enough to prevent friction, while, if that, absorbs a variety of liquids. So remember this. the moss property, it happens.

Insulation material

Remember, we wrote about a log house built with a knife? So, moss and then come in handy. It will be warmed. It can be used as a option. But the heater will work fine. Hollow cells, and even tightly packed, perfectly prevent the heat from the inside. It’s not a problem. Just dry out – and work fine again.

It has been shown that it has been shown that it has been preserved for a long period of time. One minus – moss, by contrast, burns perfectly. So in case of fire, he would rather aggravate the situation.


Once already specified, it’s a highly efficient type of peat. So even in the dried form, it burns pretty well. But for the realization of this useful properties of moss there is a small problem – it must first be dried. It is not clear that it is not very rational. But it is a matter of course. Stunted marsh vegetation. It becomes clear that settling is not a bad idea. The main thing is to choose a higher place.


Dried moss not only burns well, but also maintains its shape quite well. It is a good deal for … Yes, for anything. Mattress, pillow, blanket – no difference. It will not be possible to clean it. And even if they start, you can always go out.

Water filter

Unique useful property of moss, filtering water from various contaminants and microorganisms. And if it is the former, it can simply accumulate and help to microorganisms. That is, particles are retained mechanically, microorganisms are eliminated by antiseptic substances, and ions are retained.

In practice, it is taken, and evenly filled with a bottle. Actually, everything. Coal additionally takes over some microorganisms. True, there is no absolute guarantee. But this is a good idea. But its main advantage is the simplicity and accessibility of materials.

5 extraordinarily useful properties of ordinary moss

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