5 important tips on caring for your ax

Your ax – A tool to be cared for, especially in cold and wet seasons. Therefore, we need a brief guide for your care. It was not necessary to complete the process, for example.

Step 1. Cleaning the metal parts from dirt

It is convenient to use the pH WD-40 fits perfect. Rag and wipe the metal parts thoroughly.

Step 2. Sharpening the cutting edge

Then who is on that much – sharpening an ax everyone chooses what he likes.

Step 3. Lubrication of metal parts with engine oil

Old, proven anti-corrosion method. It is easy to reliably and reliably.

Step 4.

On the rag / paper ax handle. It is extremely important, so that it can be used to make it.

Step 5. Care for the ax cover

If it is leather, use a shoe brush and a shoe polish. Wooden wooden – – – – – – – – ax handle. If the cover fabric is special care is not required, except that the wash.

And remember – take care of your ax, because it is an extension of your hand. It doesn’t let you down at the right moment.

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5 important tips on caring for your ax

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