5 insidious heating products

With the onset of cold weather, of course, everyone wants to warm up. There are several ways: Take for example heating batteries or heaters. It comes warm at home, even when it comes to it, it becomes uneasy. But bills are usually no more than money.

It is possible to keep warm in a body. Be careful here. So, the list of dangerous heating products:


A cup of tea with honey. But if you’re not so ready for a temperature difference. Cool free. Otherwise, get an acute respiratory viral infection (cold) – can be in two accounts.


It is a hart. By the way, another ginger irritating effect on the gastric mucosa. Be careful not to get gastritis.


Mulled wine, warmed wine with spices – a delicious and healthy drink. But he also strongly warms the body. Cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, anise –


Warm up, you say? It is a strong frostbite of the toes and hands. It wasn’t even possible. Shine from the cold.


Vitamin C, found in abundance in oranges, is very useful for immunity, you know. But … it is not necessary. Save the fruit before returning home.

It is possible to warm up completely. Much more

Do not freeze!

5 insidious heating products

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