5 key points of physical training survivor. Will you survive?

Are you strong enough to save your life?

Not so long ago, I was seriously thinking. Obviously, this guarantees longevity in the first place. If you want to take care of your body. It is known that it is the cardiovascular disease in the United States of America. So you want to survive? In short, you must be fit, so physical training survivor need to be taken seriously.

But how hardy do you need to be? Fortunately, since the 1920s, certain standards have appeared that had not lost their relevance. Do you match them?

5 standards of physical training survivor

He lived in the 20s of the last century. In fact – one of the first bodybuilders and an apologist for physical education. Moreover, unlike most of his colleagues, he did not hesitate to actively recruited students. He wrote on his books. So here. In his book “Endurance” from 1926, he was directly touched on this moment. physical training survivors:

Every man should not be able to save his life. He must be able to swim. In addition, he should not be able to pull himself up on the bottom of the bars, and should also be able to pull away.

That is, it is as follows:

  • half a mile (about a kilometer), and better
  • running at maximum speed of 200 yards (about 180 meters) and more
  • overhang
  • pull up at least 15 times
  • push-up on bars at least 25 times

It has been a long time since I had to swim. As for running, pull-ups and push-ups, I could easily cope with this. And you?

I can’t guarantee you a heart attack, but …

Do you know what?

If you can meet them, then you are likely to avoid any problems. In addition, you will obviously not be in better shape than most people. It’s a way of getting away from it.

But for survivors with weapons, especially for those who live with them, physical training Lack of different points.

Standards for fans of “survival kits”

I know perfectly well that many emergency kits, often quite thoughtful, roomy, but damn heavy. And, in which case, they are always ready to grab their disasters. But here lies the main difficulty.

Have you ever wondered how much your emergency kits weigh? And can you carry them a mile by mile?

Here, for example, the United States Army, for the pedestrian crossing to 12 miles (19 km):

TASK: To make a distance of miles

TEST CONDITIONS: Take it out. You can’t get equipment and equipment, but you can’t take it anymore.

  • pistol holster with unloading and belt
  • 6 stores for M16 packaged in 2 pouches
  • 2 flasks of water packed in 2 special pouches
  • water cup
  • first aid kit
  • poncho (raincoat)
  • kevlar or steel helmet
  • bayonet and sheath
  • protective mask (gas mask) and bag for her
  • M16 rifle or M4 carbine
  • backpack with at least 35 pounds (16 kg)

NOTES: It depends on the conditions of the task.

STANDARDS: A 12-foot tactical hike must be completed in 3 hours.

That is, you can’t even be in for 15 minutes with a heavy backpack, you’re hungry for six battles. Load

And this is a military standard. If you have an “emergency kit,” it weighs more than 35 pounds? Can you run a mile with him in 15 minutes? And how much will you stand? 2? four? eight? 12? There is something for “carrying everything with me” …

I would like to hear your thoughts. What plan physical training survivor do you personally practice? Do you want to save your own life? Do you have an “emergency kit”?

Source – 5 Keys To Survival Fitness: Can you save your own life?

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