5 misconceptions of smooth-bore weapons

It’s no secret that the situation with weapons for self-defense in our country, to put it mildly, is crap. However, get permission and buy smooth-bore weapon – good semi-automatic or pump gun – is quite real. Of course, you will have to get certificates of health, accountability, passing courses on use, buy a safe, register everything, spend a lot of time, but seriously, this is real. But then the fun begins. Because the majority of new owners of firearms have a very vague idea of ​​its real effectiveness. And a lot of misconceptions about this.

1. The presence of a shotgun guarantees security

You know what you have smooth-bore weapon, your relatives know it, the state knows it. And the culprit is not. It will simply break in to you in the middle of the night and if you don’t have time to quickly open the safe and bring your “semi-automatic” or pump shotgun in combat readiness, then consider that you have it and not. Seriously, the very presence of a gun is nothing without training for its use in extreme situations. And this is a little where you can learn. Fortunately, recently there have been more and more courses where this aspect of the use of firearms is really being paid attention to.

2. It’s not necessary to aim a shotgun at short range

Yeah, the shotgun hits the wide sector in front of you. The indisputable truth proved by numerous films and computer games. In practice, the fraction of the fraction is not as large as you would like. So even at a distance of self-defense (up to 5 meters) you will have to aim. And in extreme situations, when the hands are shaking unaccustomed, to miss the mark is easier than ever. Extreme training will help, again.

3. There is a huge difference between the cartridges used.

Honestly, no. Self-defense in an apartment is a distance of a maximum of 5 meters. And at such a distance, it makes no difference that you have a shot, a canister or a bullet in your cartridge. The stopping power is about the same, the accuracy is the same. There can only be problems if your opponent is equipped with a class 3 or higher body armor. But tell me straight, have you often seen thugs who break into the house, being equipped as special forces soldiers? And if these are really special forces soldiers, then you have big problems.

4. Without bandolier or cartridge belt can not do

You shoot, recharge, shoot again, reload again. Hmm … A complete siege of the apartment. How often does this happen in real life? As a rule, the majority of criminals, having received an armed rebuff, convulsively picks up in order not to scratch their own pelt. And even more bad guys will fall down, only by seeing in your hands pump shotgun. Because to sacrifice yourself only in order to get to the goal … Either you really annoy them hard, or it is you who need to get at any cost. In this case – yes, without spare ammunition, body armor and spare armament “a la 90s” can not do. But the usual law-abiding owner smooth-bore weapons for self-defense it is not necessary.

5. It is very easy to shoot from a smooth-bore weapon.

Shooting is generally simple, much harder – to get where you want. And a smooth-bore gun, and in particular – pump action shotguns, This also applies. Without training, alas, it is useless to count on success. So workouts, workouts and more workouts. No weapon is worth anything if you do not have the skill to use it in a really extreme situation.


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