5 most effective signaling means

You will receive help. And even see a human figure from a helicopter, and even a shelter equipped, is an unrealistic task. You can, of course, make it out for you, for example, in the desert or the open ocean? In this case, you will help special signaling means.


The easiest signal means. Night, fog, heavy smoke – no matter. It is 2 times greater than that of the human cry. That is why whistles are always put in emergency kits for salvation. If you can not do it yourself, then you can do it yourself. You can choose a finger and a cut with bark. It should be noted that it should be 10 centimeters. It is necessary to make the order. Carefully take out the core, retreat from the wedge-shaped groove of a centimeter 2 and cut out a piece of wood. If you are going to be in the air, then you will have to do so. We shove it all back into the bark. Everything. Then you can quietly whistle.

Signaling mirror

Another extremely simple and convenient signal means. Again, often included in the emergency kit. It is noted. It is noticed. Therefore, it is advisable to send “solar hares” along the entire horizon. Alas, since it requires a lot of bright sunlight. If you want to use it, then:

  • We’re settling down
  • With a bright center point.
  • This is where the beam will fall.

Laser pointer

Extremely convenient to use in the dark. How was it shines away. It’s not a bad idea.

Coloring powder

Great signal means, open water or snow. Actually, it can be used for all types of bright green spots. You need to rip it up. It is possible to make it out. It will be even longer. It is absolutely safe to use it.

Signal cartridge PSND-30

One of the most effective signaling means. He has two sides – day and night. Instructions for use written on the body. In short, pull out the ring, pull out the ring and pull out the ring. The night of the PSND-30 is a bright crimson, which can be set on fire. A day for 30 seconds gives off a rich orange smoke. If the terrain is open, for example, a water surface or steppe, then you can notice from a distance of 20 kilometers. Otherwise, it’s better to choose glades, glades or other open spaces.

Advice and preparation for emergencies

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