5 most effective types of homemade weapons

It’s a matter of course. Target factories are built, new ultra-modern types of weapons are being developed. However, it is possible to effectively destroy the enemy using forces homemade weapons. Of course, it works perfectly in a guerrilla war. And it is about homemade weapon we’ll talk today.

1. Pit trap

Perhaps the most primitive sample of homemade weapons. The soldier doesn’t What could be easier? More ancient and primitive hunters used pit traps for hunting wild and large animals. It’s a lot of fun. The best example of this tactic homemade weapons Vietnamese guerrillas demonstrated to us from 1964 to 1973.

For those who have been licensed from the semi-savage of the Vietnamese people, they are partly sponsored by the Soviet Union. The case is completely leveled in the fighters. There is a very high level of humidity, and there is a high rate of humidity. And then there is the evil of the Vietnamese, the peace of the American army. And it’s not even about classic guerrilla tactics, speech and “silent” war.

It is a bit easier to digest your skin. It’s not clear that they’ve been scorching around the track. There is also a complicated version – in addition to stakes, spikes were installed on the bottom, diagonally downward. If he soldier tried to pull out a leg, he would also flop on these spikes. Two logs studded with nails. The drums rotate, the nails stick in …

2. Molotov Cocktail

it improvised weapon It has already become a classic for the riots. And all because it is extremely simple.

The Finnish guys were thought up during the Soviet-Finnish war of 1939-1940. It is a question of initiating war.

However, it has homemade weapons and obvious flaws. The first and the main one It has been found that it has been possible to Molotov cocktail.

3. Samopal

Or in other words – improvised firearms. To be honest, it’s worth it, so many different options have been invented, for various nationalities. So, for the time being, we will focus on the simplest variant – the “Ignition” self-made type

According to the piston of the piston type. That is what the charge is. In the opposite side, respectively, there is a hole in the igniter. Improvised butt. Directly charge ignition.

Despite the extremely simple principle, this improvised weapon quite effective. If you get into some distance vital organ.

4. Qassam rocket

it improvised weapon – in fact, a solid propellant unguided rocket of the “earth-ground” class. It is still being produced in the Gaza Strip.

The bottom line is simple. It is not a list of the most common agricultural or hardware stores. This is a combination of the homemade rocket and the rocket.

During the period from 2001 to 2012, 27 people were officially killed. Actually, this is not an attacking weapon. But as a weapon of terror – the very thing. It is produced literally on the knee, inexpensive, imperceptible. Not so long ago, was converted into a Gaza Strip. If you are not so much the same In short, simple and effective in its own way. improvised weapon.

5. “Shushpantsery”

Under this ridiculous name, it has been hidden. There was a lot of time when it was not used. their own Merkav, and eastern Ukraine, on both sides of the conflict.

And all because of this homemade weapons extremely simple principle. It takes a powerful wheelbase and is sheathed with thick metal sheets. The thicker – the more reliable. Actually, everything. From shrapnel and bullets this improvised weapon protect, soldier to destination will deliver. Then if you install another machine gun, In short, simple and effective.

5 most effective types of homemade weapons

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