5 most important items for your EDC

On photos EDC-sets that lit the Internet, we see a great variety everyday things, in addition to the means of self-defense. These keys are from keys to mobile phones, from keys to cardholders.

But what is the best combination? It helps to improve your casual gear.

1. Folding knife

If a means of self-defense has a narrow purpose then everyday knife – a tool of a wide profile. Cutting it off, cutting it off, cutting it off jackknife – extremely useful choice for everyday wear. Folding knives expensive souvenirs. Salt is to find knife easy enough, compact, suitable for carrying in your pocket. Knife in your pocket. For example, you can be getting up, left knife in the place where he was sitting. It happens all the time.

… or multitool

Best for wearing around with you multitool, or multitool. For combining a screwdriver, and so on. This can be a Swiss knife or something more specialized. But you will definitely be happy when it comes to it.

2. Spare magazine for weapons

… if self defense weapon favors pistol (traumatic or combat – no matter – ed.)

Compact and subcompact pistols usually sacrifice capacity the store. It’s always good to have a backup at hand. ammunition. And, if you practice recharging immediately after you apply weapon, Since there is a need to make sure that you’re ready to

If you can not comfortably fit score there are a lot of fasteners that fix it score his belt or on the belt outside.

3. Lantern

If it’s dark around. If you are looking for car keys, everyday flashlight – it is always a win-win.

4. Cell phone

Hating them or loving them mobile phones have become the standard in our society. Telephones The third and fourth generations are unfamiliar terrain on the map. They are necessary to call on the police. Funny, they can even serve as a substitute flashlight.

5. Bottle of water

It is a fact that people carelessly. It is a bottle of water. emergency reserve where you find yourself outside the embrace of civilization.

As a conclusion …

Our daily burden can be light and inexpensive. It’s a real challenge to meet your personal needs. Everyday life.

Your minimum EDC:

  • folding knife/ multitool: $ 5 – $ 215
  • spare score: $ 30 +
  • torch: $ 5 – 65
  • cell phone phone: $ 45 – $ 860
  • bottle with water: $ 1 – $ 30

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