5 options how to equip a toilet in a hike in the woods with your own hands

If the rest area is prepared, then it’s time to move on to the arrangement of the sanitary zone, especially if a large company has gathered, they will not all run into the bushes, especially where there are none.

  • 5 options how to make a toilet in a hike
    • 1.1Construction of available tools
    • 1.2Completing facilities
    • 1.3 Bucket toilet
    • 1.4Gent toilet in the forest
    • 1.5 Hiking toilets
  • 2 Hygiene products for camping
    • 2.1 Shower
    • 2.2 Fighting odor

5 options how to make a toilet in a hike

A banal problem, but it needs to be solved radically; a long rest will require a more serious approach. If you do not grab a bio-toilet, but are accustomed to comfort, then everything is in your hands.

Improvised construction

At the maximum distance from the living area and the arranged tent camps, we dig a hole, taking into account the people who use and the number of rest days. This pit is also suitable for the burial of food waste after a rest. We lay boards on it in such a way that no one fails. We drive in pegs from four sides and we cover them with a film or with a fabric around the perimeter. Such a temporary construction in field conditions from improvised means is suitable for solving an important problem.

Finished buildings

Today, all tourist shops have a wide range of outdoor toilets and showers. If you are thoroughly prepared for the hike, then taking with you a similar design it is quite possible to solve the problem with comfort. Moreover, such a toilet is made of lightweight material that does not make a heavy burden. Before installing it, level the area and deepen the bottom for drainage.

Toilet in a hikeToilet bucket

As an option, it can be installed in a free tent and do not forget to take it out to a previously dug out waste pit.

Hiking toilet in the forest

If the tourist path runs through the forest, then even with a large number of bushes, marking each one is not an option. It is much easier to make a sanitary zone in the forest more often, you need to choose a place where you can dig a hole without any harm to the roots of the trees, and then build a hut above the branches. You can also use the biotolet or bucket.

An important clarification. When digging a hole, always keep the top soddy layer, do not forget to water it periodically when you leave the area, close the hole that was previously buried with the sod, thereby restoring the green cover.

These are options for group trips, where there is someone to carry ready-made facilities and buckets.

Toilet in a hikeHiking toilets

If the path is overcome on foot or by bike, where there are no spacious luggage carriers and extra hands, then the option with mobile devices is the most suitable. These are folding chairs or mobile cardboard boxes where the bag is fixed, after use it is recycled.

There are many variants of portable devices, they differ in price and design, but are mostly equipped with covers attached to various folding devices and packages. All these devices are installed in a tent or self-built protective structure.

Going on a journey even for one day, do not deprive yourself of comfortable conditions, prudently grab a cardboard bio-toilet, which can be successfully burned without harming nature on a fire, freeing yourself from the load on the return trip.

Hygiene products for camping

In addition to dealing with waste issues, it is also a good idea to think about personal hygiene.


In addition to the arrangement of toilet tents and facilities, shower facilities are arranged on this principle. These can be individual tents or combined restrooms. Above the shower at the bottom of the collection.

Portable showers are equipped with a water tank, a hose and a shower head, the whole structure is securely attached to the top of the tent, and comfortable conditions are provided.

Toilet in a hikeIt is very convenient when on a trip children who get dirty and adults on a hot day, away from the water, this service will be very useful.

If you have not purchased a portable shower, use ingenuity. There are always plastic bottles of large size, fasten this bottle of water to the required height to the tree, protect it with pegs and stretch the film. To let the water flow, unscrew the lid, the shower is ready, exactly with the pressure that is needed. In the same way, you can build a sink by placing the bottle on the level of the hands.

Fighting odors

Have a good time in nature, enjoy the singing of birds, inhale the aromas. That’s about the fragrances will be discussed.

It is good, when the toilet is arranged, the shower works, all conditions of hygiene are observed. But how to deal with smells on the territory of a long stay.

A toilet at a great distance from the tents can not be placed, for security and safety. For these purposes, it is good to acquire special kits for recycling waste from human activity.

The kit includes a tight double bags with recycling filler, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. This is a convenient thing for long hikes and the price is acceptable to solve the problem.

Cheaper odor options are sold in hardware stores as an aromatic powder.

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