5 places where you should not put up a tent

A tent is a savor of savage. It is much more interesting than cheaper tourism. There is no need for a portable home. But the problem is not everyone where pitch a tent and where it is fraught with minor and major troubles. And even banal common sense does not always help in this.

City feature

If you’re a person of some order, you can’t have a trivial curiosity. It’s not necessary to find a piece of land. It would be you pitch a tent it was there), but it is not always so much there are drunk, curious and aggressive personalities. What is fraught? Therefore, if you really want to try the city It will be a lot of people. And even better, get acquainted with the beautiful tradition called “brights”. We will tell you about it in more detail.

Shores of reservoirs

Lake, river, sea coast – it does not matter. All these places pitch a tent. But no, it is better to refrain from this seductive idea. Why? Because hell knows how to weather. If you’re not sure, then you can expect an extremely unpleasant surprise. It is a slow motion. This, of course, is not fatal, but extremely unpleasant. It is a good idea to get shelter, then dry … pitch a tent near the shore.

Forest with wild animals

You should always find out where you need to go. You couldn’t find that wild animals could be found there. In no case can not pitch a tent The chances of running into a forest. This is where the beast will be dumb to go. Nevertheless, there are situations where it can’t be avoided. In this scenario, you need pitch a tent as far as possible from the trails and, if possible, mask it. You understand that sometimes

Large open spaces

Pitch a tent right in a frequent field is a terrible idea. Worse just put it on the dais. It is not clear that you can see it. In this situation, you will not be so sleepy. And when it’s raining up, I can’t … I don’t think you want it.

Private territory without permission

You can’t make it a matter of . If you want to avoid any problems, try to avoid any problems. It is not difficult to do. It doesn’t work out, but it doesn’t work out. But it’s better than the land of the land owners.

Of course, there are situations where it will turn out. But in this case, you need to be mo prepared. And here the right behavior is very important. It will be easier to explain and apologize. But English will also go. Know how to order. In any case, try to create as much as possible. And also, try to get it. After all, it’s not a rule of law.


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