5 real stories when a man cheated death

Man is mortal – it is a sad fact. But in the course of this, you should go towards inevitable death. If you didn’t die immediately. And, you see, the situation will result in a wonderful salvation. Actually, we’ll tell you how to cheat death in one way or another.

Alexander Selkirk – survived on a desert island

Alexander Selkirk is the prototype of Robinson Crusoe. By the way, he has nothing in common with the literary character. If it is because it was distinguished by its violent disposition, prudence and lack of principle. And once the team, once again, it wasn’t stupidly allowed to go, and he decided not to give up.

You can tell a lot about those adversities that he had to overcome, but he didn’t need it. So, wild goats were found on the island. A steady and ever-growing population that could be hunted. While there was a gunpowder, of course, because Selkirk couldn’t build a normal bow. But I like to eat meat.

That’s just for Josef shpa It is a circus acrobat. So he just waited, he flew 6-7 meters and landed. He was injured by ankle

Robertson Family – 38 days in the ocean with liquid fish

“Going with your own schooner? Great idea! And what could have been gone wrong? “

Children of the Galapagos Islands. And at first everything really went well. Until the moment when the schooner collides with a bunch of killer whales. I am not a bit aggressive, but I’m not a bit aggressive. I had to move to a lifeboat, which, by the way, no one attacked.

History of survival: 5 real cases when a man cheated death

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