5 rifle accessories that improve shotgun efficiency

What kind of rifle accessories will improve the effectiveness of a shotgun
Written by Sergeant Jason Davis

Shotguns, like most weapons, quite effective in the basic version. Regardless of the principle of action and materials of manufacture, shotgun efficiency – this is what attracts many people.

And, like other types of weapons, a gun can also be subjected to “plastic surgery” by adding various rifle accessories and spare parts that enhance the external and internal functionality of the weapon.

If you have a gun, think about what additional elements you may need, and whether they are needed at all. Any fashionable weapon accessories that can be bolted, fastened or glued are not always necessary, and you should think about why and how you will use your weapon before you spend your hard-earned money.

Remember – do not upgrade your shotgun only for appearance. Do everything possible to maintain the functionality and reliability of the weapon.

I hope you have decided what gun best suited for you – “pump”, for example Remington 870 or Mossberg 590, or semi-automatic, such as Benelli M1 /? M2, and now you are looking for different ways to “tailor” it to your needs.

Below are some tips.

1. Tactical flashlight

One of the first important changes is to install grenade light. It is desirable that the lantern had tactical A switch that allows you to quickly turn the flashlight on and off with the hand holding the handguard of the gun. If you are using a shotgun for protection, think about how the absence of a light source to identify potential targets or dangerous places will affect.

As rifle tactical flashlights i tend to series DSF from company Suurefire. These lights are designed to be integrated into the guns forearm Remington, Winchester, Mossberg and Benelli, have a power of 200 to 600 lumens. Easy to install, they can work continuously for three hours. Suurefire He worked very hard on the ergonomics of his integrated lamps, and they are easy to activate with both right and left hand. This is an important nuance when it comes to accessories for your gun.

2 Sights

If you have problems with the sight of the sight, which the factory decided to attach to the end of the barrel of your gun, you can find an alternative. Fiber optic flies appeared on the market, and they increasingly appear on pistols, carbines and shotguns.

If you decide to replace the standard sights, there are good options from HI VIZ Shooting Systems. With a myriad of colors and numerous attachment methods, you will surely find HI VIZ something that will really make your aiming easier and faster.

If you think of a small and compact optics for your weapon, then I advise you to consider two sights: Aimpoint h1 and Trijicon RMR.

Both collimator sights do not have parallax and weigh about the same as the loaded cartridge for your gun. The sights are low profile, so they will not affect your tab and aiming. Among other things Aimpoint h1 and Trijicon RMR popular in use on pistols and carabiners, and easily interchangeable. H1 and RMR are both easy to use and reliable in harsh environments.

3. Tubular store

If your desire is to have more ammunition and do without store recharges too often, pay attention to tubular extension.

Most extension cords are easy to install and can be put on the store in a few minutes. On the Internet or in an arms shop, you can purchase an additional kit consisting of an extension cord, an elongated spring, and mounting hardware.

Extenders are from 1 to 9 rounds. Choose what you need based on your needs.

4. Fuse

An enlarged button or safety lever is another very useful accessory.

Depending on what kind of gun you have, the factory fuse may be too small and, because of this, difficult to control in a stressful situation, or in low light conditions.

A person familiar with the device of a gun can install this new safety device on its own, but it’s best to give it to someone with a little deeper knowledge and who have the right tools so that he can do the job without error.

5. Store Feeder

One of the last things to consider when replacing and upgrading your rifle is store provider.

Most commercial feeders are made from stainless steel or high-impact polymers. Factory store feeders are usually made of thin plastic, and easily break under pressure from the spring, wear out or deform from the use of cleaning solvents.

Most commercial feeders are painted in bright colors, so you can always identify an empty store.

The use of a gun in reality

The feeling of a new gun in your hands is a great feeling.

Find out for yourself how best to manipulate them, and clearly decide for what tasks you need it. There are various accessories and parts for rifles, but you yourself have to decide what needs to be additionally installed and whether you need to change anything at all.

The longer I carry a weapon, the more I want it to be as light as possible. I usually set a good sight and flashlight. However, you may have other preferences. Calculate the most likely scenarios that you may encounter and in which you will have to use weapons, and take this into account when upgrading. Do not carry extra weight if you really do not need this accessory. Approach modernization with a “sober” head.

About the author: Jason Davis

Currently, the author works as a sergeant in the South Californian police. In addition to his daily duties, Jason is a sniper in the unit SWAT. He occupies many different positions in the department: a police officer, a school security officer, a detective officer and an instructor officer. In his free time he works in Colt defense as a weapons instructor.

Translation – Yuri Ignatov

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