5 rules for hike

This is a key component of many activities, including tourism, mountaineering, and military foot crossings. There are five rules for moving with a backpack:

  1. one pound on your feet;
  2. five percent more energy expended;
  3. for each mile;
  4. decrease speed in half;
  5. climbing slows you down twice as much as speeds up a descent. The slope takes each of the times of the mile up to 15 seconds.

Consider them in more detail.

1. One pound on your feet.

It was not a torso, but it wasn’t a torso. . In practice, you can’t keep more of your shoes in half a kilo lighter. Just imagine the energy savings with walking in sneakers, compared with heavy leather bots, and even for seven days!

2. One pound on your feet – five percent more energy expended

Heavy footwear affects you not only by its weight. It is also tougher and less malleable. This is a sensation of your body when you put your feet on the ground.

It can be perceived as something insignificant, but with it? It will turn into 30 extra seconds when passing a mile. It is your choice.

3. Six seconds for each mile.

Carrying goods in a backpack when walking It is not just like that. If you’re a mild. Thus, if you weigh 150 pounds (68 kg), every one and a half pounds (0.7 kg) For a 68-pound backpacker, for 30 pounds (13.5 kg) will save you 40 seconds per mile.

4. Ten percent increase in surface slope

The slope significantly affects the speed. By “slope” we mean the roughness of the earth’s surface. Tilt percentage is what you move forward compared to. For you, for example, you can see 1 meter up. In other words, 10% equals 5.74 degrees. 5.74 degrees looks insignificant until you go to their mile after mile. It becomes clear how much it becomes.

This mention is the load – is very important. A 10 percent bias will cut your speed by half, regardless of whether you are pulling twenty kilos or thirty-five.

5. Ascent will slow down.

You don’t really want to go. Can not. You will return only half the time spent. Lifting inexorably reduces your speed. Why not? Friction force. You have to slow down, restrain your steps in order to maintain control over your movements. The steeper the slope This extra load on the muscles during walking If you move with repeated ups and downs.

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