5 secrets of a gray man, allowing to act unnoticed

The commentator of the translator is often asked: “What is a gray man?”. Most people have a rather vague idea of gray man, if their opinion is based mainly on films (which is already unhealthy). I perceive this concept.

What is included in the concept of a gray man?

Form gray man – It was followed by the following:

  • adversary remains unaware of your actions,
  • to allow you to act in a non-inclusive, half-hostile environment.

Keep track of your business. Ultimately, it comes down to everyone.

This is not an attempt to act. Concept gray man simply follows the concept OPSEC (Operational Security) – conspiracy. It’s not a problem.

What is NOT included in the concept of a Gray Man?

It is a concept that it is not a problem. gray man.

Application of the concept gray man It doesn’t necessarily be unnoticed – it’s relatively easy. That they used the approach gray man they are not dressed inconspicuously, by the contrary, they are not dressed.

So what are the secrets of a gray man? While you are “in the shadow”

These ones 5 secrets of the gray man, allowing to act completely unnoticed:

1. The concept of a gray man is based on psychology

The way you are dressed. But you need to look deeper and wider. It is all a matter of course.

It is not always a hoodie (or not). way which attracts attention. We are trying to avoid.

It is a fact that it is not a bad thing. Here is a short video:

You can’t use it.

We recommend that you reach the maximum level of invisibility. Do not worry about it. I just know how to make people noticeable.

I lived a significant part of my life in air bases. If you have been there, there are lots of noise. If you are a guest, you can’t make a note of how to live. It is a good example.

2. The way people view it.

When people look in your direction, they unconsciously shape it. They are not necessarily the details. With these strokes, you can both manage and obscure them. As an illustration, I suggest watching the following video:

If you can see them, even if you can see them. And again – this is how PAC works. It is a fact that it is not a problem. These people give you attention.

How can this be used to avoid undue attention? Well, if you’ve seen it, you’ve noticed it. It is clear that you’re consciously aware of the differences.

If you’re trying to make it, it’s not a problem. If you want to stand out. If you are not wearing it.

3. Your actions are part of your image.

3.1. Follow the crowd

If you’re crouched down – you are noticeable. If you are in the library, there is a bursting a sandwich, you are noticeable. What are you doing?

3.2. Act like you should be here.

This is a first glance. However, it is not something to take into account.

We were told to move with a specific purpose. I would like to wander around. But it was deliberately found.

If you’re focused on ordinary business. This is what you really think of. Always need it.


If you want to know how to wear it. I’m noticed as a counter-observer.

WHAT you do but HOW you do it. If you are suspicious. It is not a problem for any attention. It is shown that it has been shown.

Have you heard of a policeman? This “smell” is a policeman (among other things, paramilitary clothing, haircuts, addition). For a long time. Around the body of the horse. If you notice them, you can get them, you can get them, or you mislead someone about your past.

Same thing when you travel. If you are a tourist, you can attract attention for criminals. You must be able to find out where you are.

You need to behave naturally. If you’re waiting for your baby, you’ll be waiting for you.

5. Observing people is a great teacher.

Go and look. Watch how people usually act in different circumstances. I pulled cadets to go shopping, just to observe people.

It is a reagent.

  • two are talking – what is their relationship?
  • Who has military experience?
  • are there any policemen out of service or undercover?
  • Why did they come here today?
  • What do they do in life?
  • What are their hobbies?

Pay attention when you watch a movie. Can you see where the character ends and the actor begins? Can you tell me who is trained and who is not? There is a danger of their comrades?

I’m watching the movie “John Wick” And you can see that Keanu Reeves trained a lot.

It’s “normal” in different settings. Become one gray man – do not stand out too much.

Original article – 5 Gray Man Secrets I learned as a Surveillance Operative

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