5 signs that preparation for BP has gone too far

Yes, we always need to be prepared for any situation. Moreover, it is super-prepared than not sufficiently prepared. But for the BP, it goes. This is why it is important even in such a responsible business “not to lose the coast.”

For information: BP means Big Pi ** es (sometimes they say Arctic Fox to avoid censorship). It is not only the natural disasters, man-made disasters, wars, riots and other emergencies. Preparing for BP There are also ways for mastering various useful skills.

First of all, you must stay within the bounds of realism. Alas, many moments of preparation for survival in the case of BP beyond this framework are selected, and very far away.

1. Too much spending

Being prepared is not cheap. But for your bailiffs? You were not ready for this development, were you? Keep track of your expenses. Otherwise, it’s possible to get better goods.

2. Too many stocks

Does it keep the store in the area? Perfectly. You can take it up. No, if you live somewhere in the wilderness, then there is already too much.

3. Problems with the law

Yes, when it comes to preparing for a BP or even self-defense, it can be in the background. Until they come for you. So if you are arranging a bunker, then wait for the guests. If you buy explosives and grenades – wait for guests. If a lot of traps from uninvited guests are installed, wait for but for others. And if you have waited, do not try to shoot back, proving. Only create problems yourself.

4. Too many weapons

This love goes beyond common sense. It is impossible to make it, it’s possible to keep it. It is a target for marauders. If you are seriously undermine your budget, if we talk about money. Handguns will be quite enough, then …

5. Ordinary life fades into the background

If your whole life turns to a BP – it goes beyond the norm. It’s not a problem. This is absolutely bad. Survival groups are more more than single paranoids. If you’re not in the past

The key of preparation is finding balance

This is a really difficult problem – too much preparation, and you turn into that same cartoon character with whom civilians represent all the survivors. Too little – and you’re dead. And this, alas, individually. However, the above signs were clearly characterize the overtraining. But seriously, you can’t let your life … Eh, what an irony.

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