5 specialized everyday EDC kits

We each have our own EDC kit – those things that we carry with us every day. We spend every day we spend in our car. There are pleasant and not very exceptional. You can grab something else with you. And even better – a pre-prepared set, for example, “technical”, or “for exits to nature” …

For many users, a small-note book holder (organizer) is an equally important element. EDC, than its contents. Providing ease of gathering: grabbed and went. And although they were created as pouches “general purpose”, you can easily adapt them everyday things. Below are a few styling options.

General Purpose Casual Kit

Laying your everyday set Things in a pouch eliminates clutter pockets and allows for quick charges on the road. For this purpose, convenient small pouches, which are many in stock. Maxpedition, Vanguest, Spec-Ops and other manufacturers. Five useful items will help you:

  • Knife. A small knife is convenient to hide in a pouch. Classic blade, robust construction.
  • Multitool, with a wide range of tasks throughout the day. Something compact and flexible.
  • Torch, small and light but powerful. Preferably with a common battery.
  • Pen. Preferably with a sturdy casing.
  • Notebook. The waterproof feature has a significant advantage.

Emergency Medical Set

First aid kit not everyone includes his EDC, but keep her in everyday set never hurt. If you are using it, then you can always use it. It is your choice. Besides her, in your emergency dialing worth including:

  • Torch. If you get in the overall situation. What are you doing?
  • Rescue blanket. They are almost no space. If you’re stuck on the road or get lost, you’ll always be warm.
  • Light alarm – a flare or something else. It is always useful to add. Signal plug by chemical light source large sizes.

Survival Kit in a Natural Environment

Do you need some emergency equipment? Equipment for field conditions is usually quite durable, without any protective inserts.

  • Fire extinguisher. Reserve method, in case of loss of the main.
  • Signaling mirror. It doesn’t need power and campfire.
  • Tinder. If you want to start a fire.
  • Protein bars. It is always a good idea to have some snacks on hand. Make sure they have a fairly long shelf life.
  • Cord. A piece of paracord will find a thousand uses.

Technical accessories

That comes in handy every day. Get you to work long hours, or just like order, cartridge pouch for vehicles you come in handy. Since you are most likely to carry you around

  • Long charging cord. Without the bag.
  • Backup power supply. Why do you need a battery (power bank)? At least compact.
  • Headphones. Peace of mind and tranquility.
  • Flash drive. Keep your files handy.
  • Cable clamps. So that everything was in order. Every time you open it.

Travel case

Laying travel supplies in a pouch is beneficial in many ways. It is especially useful to keep clothes and crushed tubes of toothpaste.

  • Shaving kit. Do not forget it. Do you need to go to the kiosk?
  • Toothbrush. Again, there is no faith in the hotel. Take your individual.
  • Set with knipser, nail clippers. Nail file, you know, a good person is not prohibited.
  • Multitool, allowed by the rules of flights. If you can not take a full tool.

Original article – 5 Specialized Pouch Setups for Your EDC

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