5 Tips for Safe and Effective Shooting in the Dark

Very often situations require use of weapons There is a noise in the barn. However, it’s not a problem.

Here are five tips for shooting in the dark – how to do it in the real world.

1. Security

Where you can move out. Hold the gun in a safe direction (option: in the “SUL” position).

2. Identification

During workouts, fasten “light stick” on your chest and back, make sure everyone has the same.

Make sure you’re a “fatal shot” yourself.

3. Uniformity of ammo

For each type of weapon. Shooters who have the same ammunition.

In the dark, you can confuse ammunition when they equip stores, and the stores themselves. If it is not essential in training, then in a stressful situation.

4. Using a flashlight

Flashlight is great for blinding the attacker.

It can be violated.

5. Using LCC

It is a good thing to do. Do you want to make a difference? Consider these factors when applying.

Translated by Yury Ignatov

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