54 rules of survival from the FSB “Alpha”

Group “Alpha” or Management “A” CSPS FSB – Designed for the Federal Security Service of Russia.

Formed by order of the KGB Chairman Yu.V. Andropov in 1974 as a response to the terrorist attack at the Munich Olympics. Initially it was a group of 30 people, submitting it to the 5th, and then the 7th Main Directorate of the KGB. Currently FSB of Russia; There are a number of different types that are available in Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine. Alpha is strictly classified.

  1. Sweat saves blood.
  2. The volume of the biceps does not affect the speed of the bullet.
  3. Pistol – only work tool, the weapon is yourself.
  4. The head of an employee.
  5. The core value of the anti-terror unit is the instructors (Signature: Instructors).
  6. If the selection stage is allowed mistake, learning does not make sense.
  7. At equipment, as at a life, – there is no price.
  8. He is the winner.
  9. For spaces in fire training Assessment of the “unsuccessful”
  10. But your friend and a working tool.
  11. The best weapon you work with.
  12. Your skills are the best. fuse.
  13. Arrow level is his worst shot.
  14. The best gun is an automatic.
  15. The gun is needed in order to get to your automat, which didn’t need to leave anywhere.
  16. The anti-terror unit is a realistic vocational training.
  17. Darkness friend trained employee.
  18. What are you afraid of? Get up on skis!
  19. You can’t make corrections.
  20. Be a professional in battle, let the enemy die a hero.
  21. It is not the muscles.
  22. Shoot the enemy art.
  23. All the special forces were killed, not in hand-to-hand combat.
  24. If you’ve missed too much.
  25. No one has yet to win.
  26. The terrorists terrorists weapon. The rest is secondary.
  27. Effective fire – accurate fire.
  28. Nothing replaces a quick and accurate shot.
  29. TEST: Night, distance 15 m. The goal is the head of the terrorist. Hostage is your baby. (Answer: Yes – employee / No – athlete-discharger)
  30. Employee of the anti-terror unit – the owner each your shot.
  31. Treat each shot as the only one.
  32. Did you miss Welcome! (Signed: Military Prosecutor’s Office).
  33. Good luck circumstances reinforce bad tactics.
  34. An order to make a decision quick and accurate shot in actual conditions.
  35. What is your shot worth?
  36. It is the highest professional specialization unit.
  37. Disassemble the weapon, you need to quickly shoot out of him.
  38. It is balance of speed and speed.
  39. Worse a miss can only be a slow slip.
  40. It makes it easier to shoot.
  41. Nothing.
  42. Glock it is better to get from PM once.
  43. Freaking out
  44. Money, information and cartridges a lot does not happen.
  45. If you want to get a distance of 10.5 mm, then you can see the difference.
  46. Win and survive to win again.
  47. Special Forces – quality, not quantity.
  48. A group of decades are needed.
  49. People are more important than technology.
  50. Employee – weapons – equipment – personal protection equipment and communications are equivalent elements of a combat kit.
  51. In hand-to-hand combat, cartridges.
  52. You are above all the uninitiated, improve yourself.
  53. Sending fighters to the war unprepared, we betray them (Confucius).
  54. He also has a military history of peace and intelligence in the area of ​​military affairs (Marshal of France Sebastien de Vauban).

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54 rules of survival from the FSB &# 171; Alpha&# 187;

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