6 basic rules for handling weapons

1. Weapons are always loaded!

Always and everywhere treat anyone firearm as charged. Always consider that weapon loaded, even if you assume or are sure that it is discharged. Each time a weapon is taken, make sure it is discharged.

If you can’t have a chance, you’ll have a chance to check.

2. Always keep your gun in the safest direction!

Always keep track of where the weapon is pointing. An accidental shot, safe direction, will not cause damage, destruction or injury.

On rifle facilities – shooting ranges, shooting galleries and specially places specially designated for shooting safe direction initially strictly stipulated and specially marked. Direct the weapon. Never aim a weapon at yourself or another person.

3. Keep your finger off the trigger!

Always keep your forefinger off the trigger – outside the trigger brackets ready to make a shot. It is also unsafe!

For example, there is a chance to stumble, you can accidentally press the trigger. Sudden loud noise random shot – physiologically, our muscles contract at the moment of fright. Therefore, always remember about the finger! The handle is for holding the weapon.

4. Know your target and everything around and behind it!

Make sure that it is safe before shooting. Remember that after a shot, you can’t pass it through. Determine the goal. If in doubt, DO NOT SHOOT!

If you’re listening to the sound Take into account the people who are close to you, when you going to shoot.

5. Know how to handle your weapon!

It is very important to thoroughly familiarize yourself with your weapon. You should know your technical characteristics and features. to charge, defuse your weapon and fix technical problems.

It is quite obvious. It is not always applicable to the brand. If you have any questions, please contact your manufacturer.

6. Store your weapon safely and securely to prevent unauthorized use! Weapons and ammunition must be kept separate!

Even if it’s not your hands. Use special devices that provide weapon safety, such as the trigger lock or cable-lock, preventing the shot.

Keep your weapon unloaded in a special lockable container or weapon box. Keep your weapon clear from ammunition. It will make it possible to ensure that there is a lock on it.

6 basic safety rules for handling weapons

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