6 bites that almost became fatal

Recently, The New York Times published an article by a naturalist. Jackson landers, It has been shown that it has been a bit dysfunctional.

Partly on such a move. deadly animal, What happened when he landed on the beach? After some time, it turned into pain, which has been intensified. I’m finding a crushed spider inside, ”writes a publicist.

Hey, Hey, Hey, Heck city ​​of Charlottesville. “Recalls the body,” recalls Lenders.

Of course, it’s not a problem. He is a bitten, for example rattlesnake or shark? You can find answers below.

1. Brooke O’Neal and the Rattlesnake

Saturday night walk. Brooke O’Neal stroller with the baby soared rattlesnake, the approach of people.

It is not a pain, it is not a pain, it is not a pain, it is not a pain, it is a screaming, it is not a pain. As O’Neil later said:

“I’ve reached my face. About ten minutes later I was completely paralyzed – I was conscious, but I couldn’t move. “

2. African Hippo

The ZaMedai Zambezi River – hippopotamus.
Here are some excerpts Africa Henry Ryder Haggard:

If I could hold my breath, I’m holding it in my throat. Then I put up with the inevitable …
It wasn’t much time to go. Apparently, I’ve been on the surface, and I’m not on the surface.
It was a crushed state of war. “

Fortunately, the traveler has been able to ensure that he has been alive.

3. “On a ten-point scale, it was pulling at 15”

47 year old German Katrin ulrika stai in May of 2012, she stayed in Vero Beach, Florida. Women whiled away the time, sunbathing on the beach and swimming off the coast. It was a day when Shtai stood up.

“I was bitten by a shark.”

The woman was lucky – 58-year-old David Daniels, who was resting If you’re trying to get the best of 40 cm When she came to her senses, she appreciated the pain of the sea predator: “On a scale from 1 to 10,

4. “I was very lucky”

James Kerrigan, he was a bitten. On the phone, he told the Hawaii News Now:

“She bit me very little. I’m not sure if I’ve been able to get there.

As Kerrigan asserts, it could have ended much worse:
“It wasn’t been a torn muscle.”

5. Be careful while swimming in the Amazon

A lot is found in this coast. bloodthirsty predators and poisonous creatures. For example, on the boat, for example, on the boat black piranhas, phalanges with razor sharp teeth.

It is a little tirannosaurus or megalodon great white shark.

6. Size does not matter

The most painful bites in the world famous ants, inhabiting forests Nicaragua and Paraguay. Insects are also known as “bullet ants” for gunshot wound. In addition, when a person is bitten, vomiting, cramps and dizziness are observed.

The victim loses consciousness, fever begins, and the bite becomes numb. There are 60 bites for a person weighing about 50 lbs. strong poison, however the bites of these ants one of the most painful. It may take 4-5 hours for the whole day to improve.

By the way, the powerful jaws of these insects, local tribes use for peculiar surgical operations: ants They are torn away from their edges, leaving behind their stitches.

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6 bites that almost became fatal

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