6 characteristic errors when firing a pistol

Error 1. The shooter strains and lifts his shoulders

Raised shoulders shackle and tire quickly arrow. It keeps you lowered.

Mistake 2. The shooter of the elbows when it is the gun.

With elbows lowered pistol will be more “bully” up from recoil shot, this will take longer to produce re shot. To avoid lowering the elbows during firing, There is a bulk bag of cotton candy. You have to shoot and hold the package. Elbows is not possible – does not give the package.

Error 3: shooter tilts his head

Inclined head tension. It is necessary to avoid these problems. You can get away from them right away. It is necessary to remember shooting, remembering this feeling, maintain the correct position.

Mistake 4. Head movement while aiming.

Sometimes novice arrows on a tip the gun on the target begin to move on. In no case should this be done. The head and the torso shooting in static position). Only hands work. Weapons Displayed on the eye-target line. The movement increases the time of aiming.

Error 5. Trunk barrel when aiming at pistol at a target

Some novice arrows, after watching the militants begin to bully gun barrel he was shooting at the white guards. In this case, Vasily Ivanovich also has narrowed his eyes. With such a trajectory of movement pistol for some time closes the target. This increases the total time of aiming. It is necessary to get rid of this habit, the controlling movement. the gun. It is a clear sign that the junction of the trajectory.

Error 6. Aiming for a pistol at the target

Some arrows on a tip weapons first down pistol, while down to the target. Pistol makes a long way to the end point. Shovel than a tip. weapons on the target. When liner bottom pistol appears in the line of fire suddenly. Therefore, the time of the sights is required.

More often this mistake is made arrows, previously performed Olympic shooting disciplines. It is a straight line. Therefore, we must follow that the movement the gun was closer to the straight path. Should not be directed towards the targets. This also applies to you. pistol on the target from the chest.

Try to avoid movements and strains when hovering. weapons and aiming. All errors described above increase time and worsen shooting quality.

Source: “Practical shooting”, V. Kryuchin

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