6 declassified foreign operations of the GRU USSR special forces

Times change, and policy priorities change. The seal is “top secret” on state secrets.

This document has been lost since the beginning of the 19th century. GRU special forces became the property of modern media.

Declassified operations of the GRU USSR special forces

1. Vietnamese throw

It was 1968. It was the time of the world.

In May of 1968, a group of Soviet civilians located in the territory of the Republic of Cambodia, for 30 miles, for 30 people. It has been a great deal of effort to make the most of the pilgrims. There were always 4 light helicopters, up to 10 transport, as well as 4 cobra helicopters. The helicopters were not targeted.

After 25 minutes of attack, it was hijacked to Vietnam, and it was destroyed. Losses among the personnel of American soldiers to 20 people. It is a fact that it has been recognized that it has been the case.

2. Baptism by fire

The operation in Czechoslovakia reached the aforementioned country. It was given a request to the aircraft malfunction. It has been noted that it will be possible to check out the airport. If you are on the trainer line, you can read more In the meantime, the stations, the telegraph station, the telegraph station, the telegraph station and the railway stations It was taken for a special visit to Moscow.

Colonel Yuri Struzhnyak, one of the participants of those events, has been recalled these days as follows:

“The airport for us. We’ve been trained in this We were more worried about this. And for our actions, we were absolutely calm. The operation was planned. “

Otto Skorzeny, it is worth noting that he was watching the airport “brilliant.”

3. Angolan “Rambo”

Africa and the 80s was for less than, for example, Vietnam. Angola, country of that time, will be discussed below. He attacked the opponents. Assigned to the military weapons of the Soviet Union.

It would be a lot more interesting. In 1976, during one of the battles in the region of Dondu, which is 200 km from Luanda, the Chinese T-59 tank. Soviet military expert Vladimir Zayats was “For Military Merit”. It was a war on the outskirts of the Soviet Union. However, it was passing through the GRU. This is a case of the Stinger MANPADS that came out of the gun hull before it was received by the Afghan Mujahideen. True, the Stinger was never obtained.

4. Soviet Beirut or Hezbollah

On September 30, 1985, four members of the embassy season were captured. The carriage in which the diplomats were traveling was seized. Another car with diplomats was blocked near the “Trad” hospital. Shock guns, weapons, shooting and rapid disappearance. Kidnappers of Soviet citizens turned up pretty quickly. Demand for release was quite unusual for that time. It has also been found that it has also been the case for the terrorists. Investigation of all Soviet diplomats. It should be noted that it has been the case for all countries.

He led to the KGB, Munata`mat al-Jihad al-slami, led by Imad Mugniyah. Mugniya’s inner circle has been executed. It was confirmed that it had been the case for the Soviet diplomats.

The task was entrusted to the Vympel special forces group that had just been created. Control over the operation was headed by General Yuri Ivanovich Drozdov. Further events unfolded quickly. The man who executed the wounded Soviet diplomat.

One by one more than 10 commanders of various Lebanese special services disappeared. He received the letter of the Soviet hostages. Imad mugnia I realized that he could be the next. Embassy was lifted.

5. Taj Beck

There are no plans for the GRU special forces. This is a process of aganism, Hafizuly Amin. Together with the GRU special forces, the “Thunder” and the “Zenit”, the “A” (“Alpha”) and B (“Vympel”) He was a Muslim battalion who had been called the Muslim battalion.

If we talk about the peace of the Amin Palace, it took no more than 40 minutes. He lost 7 people killed in spite of the fact that he won Amin was killed. The operation completed successfully.

6. First Stinger

The winter of 1987 in Afghanistan became really hot. It was a group of women’s men who had been gravely armed. Vladimir Kovtun himself recalls:

“In that fight, we laid about sixteen people. They were moving on motorcycles. Motorcycles in Afghanistan are one hundred percent perfume. They quickly dismounted and began firing at us. We even managed to shoot two times from the Stinger, but missed. After landing, chased after one of my spirits. He was running in his hands. I’m taking it all in time for all the time. I still remember this strange pipe. He didn’t need it. Grabbed, and ran back to the turntable. The commander of the board, despite the fact that we had a good fight from the evening, shouted “Volodya, Volodya! “Stinger” !!! “.

This is where the Soviet pilots are.

In the post-Soviet history, the Special Operations Forces (MTR) It’s not a problem to talk about modern operations.

From the Editor:
This is what you completely want to do. However, it is possible to disprove something. As, however, there is no direct evidence.
It is important that you can use it. However, there is a chapel of human capabilities.
Therefore, it is our experience and our fiction. Under the article.

6 declassified operations of the Special Forces of the USSR

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