6 features of weapons to protect the house

Firearms, used to home protection, greatly changed in the course of history. We will tell about it in our separate article, and now we will begin with video in which some features will be considered in more detail shotguns, intended to protect the house.

Although as an example in the video, I (the author of the article, Chris Baker – editor’s note) used shotgun remington 870, I did not mean a specific shotgun model. I suggest that you start with a pump-action shotgun or semi-automatic from a reliable manufacturer. Besides this, most of the most famous species shotguns can be easily modified for the acquisition of opportunities, which I will discuss next.

Video: 6 shotgun features for home protection

Additional features of weapons for protection

Due to the fact that this article is online, and not a lecture, some may be worried that I missed their favorite one. gun accessory. The following are additional chips used in shotgun, which you bought for home protection, as well as the reasons for which I did not describe them in the video.

Weapon belt

Now there are disputes over the effectiveness of the use gun belt with a shotgun, intended for home protection. On the one hand, the belt allows you to free your hands, and at the same time have quick access to shotgun. Opponents of this opinion believe that weapon belt will only interfere in extreme situation in the defense of home, property, and even life.

Personally, I recognize the effectiveness of using the belt only under certain circumstances, but I am more inclined to support the idea that the belt can interfere. This is especially true in the case of pump shotgun, when the belt can interfere with the movement of the shutter and reloading weapons, if you accidentally grab the handguard along with the belt.

If you need hands free to open the door or dial a number on the phone – in this case it is better to just take shotgun in the other hand. One of the reasons why I keep relatively light shotgun, not burdened with accessories, it is a simplification of its use with one hand if necessary. disadvantages gun belt on shotgun, applied to home protection, are leveled in the case when I need to do some non-shooting work with two hands. But at the same time, if necessary, it can hamper access to weapons.

Muzzle tips

There are two main reasons for using muzzle nozzle on shotgun to protect the home.

First reason – this is control case scatter. Some types of card charges can fly apart with a very large dispersion, even if it happens inside the house.

Muzzle nozzle can be used to attempt to reduce the scatter of grape cases over the area, but I am deeply convinced that the selection of the right caliber will be much more effective.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with nozzles, especially if the barrel of your shotgun is already adapted to this. But if you have available cartridges like the Federal Flite Control, then the need for a muzzle nozzle disappears, if you are interested in precisely the small range of dispersion of the canister.

One more reason, by which you can use muzzle nozzle on shotgun for protection – to get additional benefits, in addition to regulating the accuracy of firing a canister. Quite common is the case of sales of shotguns “for defense” with inappropriate for this muzzle nozzles. Such nozzles add so many “teeth” to the barrel that you can be safely assigned as a “bricher” to an intelligence or special forces group, with a shotgun, suitable for breaking doors and shooting at locks and hinges. For the average citizen, such attachments are of no practical use, except as giving a neat, tough look to your shotgun. If this is what you need, then you can purchase such a nozzle, but personally I don’t consider it a critical necessity for defensive weapons.

Pistol grip

Not so long ago pistol grip “Assembled” with butt on shotgun protection were very popular, but recently the demand for them has decreased significantly. I cannot vouch for the opinions of the public, but I personally personally believe that they do not greatly extend the functionality of the shotgun, moreover, such handles complicate the process of reloading the gun. Some shooters say that pistol handles reduce recoil and facilitate control of the shotgun.

I found the right rack and butt with short distance from trigger to the back surface of the back plate butt much more helps to reduce returns.

And none of pistol grip, I have tried, did not have a distance from trigger to the back plate butt so short that I feel comfortable.

But I found the only advantage of such handles – they greatly simplify the management of the shotgun with one hand. Fortunately, Magpul.com offers such stick without any flaws in the form of sagging, so I favor this option. I am not going to specifically discourage anyone from using pistol grip with butts in case these arrows have discovered the advantages of using them. But I still think that there will not be much sense from such handles, when using them on your shotgun to protect the home.

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