6 good reasons to buy a firearm

It is possible to discuss the imperfection of the weapon legislation in the post-Soviet countries for a long and thoroughly. But the case can be helped only if you go and buy firearms, learn to use it and prove yourself in society as a skilled, responsible and law-abiding armed citizen.

Any situation can be corrected only by actions, including with civilian weapons. All these “measures of enlightenment” and other nonsense – do not work. But even with “imperfect” laws, much can be done. And if you should forget about a personal pistol for hidden carrying, then you can arm yourself with a shotgun to protect the house now. And here are a few reasons why this is worth doing.

1st reason to buy a firearm: Security

Yes, of course, you will shoot the robber, and then prove that you had the right to do so. There is such a problem. But you are better than him than you.

Plus, about this “self-defense” statistics, rather favorable. There are few condemning sentences, and even then, only in the most odious cases.

As you know perfectly well, a warning shot for a long time discourages robbers from even getting close to your neighborhood. What if you’re not alone there? So some security personal gun still provides.

2nd reason to buy a firearm: Community

Without a hunting rifle you, of course, will be allowed to purchase. But this ticket also provides the opportunity to communicate with generally good people. At the very least, those who have successfully completed a psychiatric examination, which in our time, damn it, is very important.

And at most – among them you can find real like-minded people who share your views on weapons, life and what any normal man should be able to do in life. Yes, and in the team more interesting than alone.

3rd reason to buy a firearm: Traditions

In the arms business, not so much has changed in the last hundred years. Especially in its part with regard to firearms that are accessible to civilians. So, behind everything that you will learn, there are long and time-tested traditions. And for some it is very important to realize that they are part of something bigger. The same weapon culture, for example.

4th reason to buy a firearm: Investment

A good gun is expensive. Good ammo are expensive. A good kit – right, too, is expensive. That’s just not a waste of money, but an investment in the future.

For example, a difficult future, when more than one life will depend on whether you can shoot and if you have a weapon. And over the years, the value of a gun does not decrease. Suffice it to recall that in some villages trunks from the Second World War are still kept – just in case, you understand. And, of course, in working condition. For not yet transferred craftsmen in our land.

5th reason to buy a firearm: Self-education

Having received legal firearms, you understand that one possession is not enough. You need to learn to shoot, learn to properly store, learn to hunt, take care of weapons, collect ammunition, to understand the body kit and learn a lot more.

Self-education is an extremely useful thing in general. Once “hooking”, you no longer want to get off of it.

6th reason to buy a firearm: Aesthetics

Weapons are acquired in order to use it, and not so that it hangs on the wall. But, you see, when it hangs there – it’s damn nice.

Even the most ordinary gun is beautiful, not to mention the carefully decorated and “ennobled” trunks. However, if this “beauty” is not regularly checked in, then there will be little sense from it. And we are much more important to sense, not aesthetics.

In conclusion, let us just say that all this, of course, is very healthy, but we should not forget about another important point. Even if you have firmly decided to buy firearms and now collect certificates, documents, and save money, weapons are almost useless without regular training. It’s as if you don’t have any shotgun in your safe at home.

Only practice will allow you to turn a weapon from a strange, incomprehensible and even potentially dangerous thing into your own advantage, specifically unpleasant for those who decide to encroach on your peace of mind, property and health.


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