6 indispensable things to travel

Although it doesn’t do it. As Robert Young Pelton (author of “The Most Dangerous Places of the World”) talks about the main points.

“I’m made sure I’ve made a mistake. He was in the process of war. For the reasons that they have now been a rumored at. Definitely a mistake.

I understand the rules of high-ranking guests. Shaking out the contents of my backpack There is a cozy little piles – one for me (socks, underwear, t-shirts). Every time I pulled it out, I pulled out a few twenty-dollar bills. It was a question.

I have always been proud of my budget. I was needed. In the end, I’ve gotten out, and I’m out. nothing. “

1. Backpack

Immediately after the money backpack. For me, it can be picked up at any time at the first call. I am a small fan of backpackers. It is impossible to follow the rules of packing.

It is a small number of ways to travel. Outside where you can go, where you can go. It is not enough to ensure that it can be used to accommodate the customs officers.

It is a scoop of dust.

2. Flask

You can not have water. I use soft filtering flask production Seychelle since 2002 year. It is smaller than a separate filter. Just fill, squeeze, and drink.

3. Poncho

Good old inhabitant of army secondhands. It is an awning, and it is a bed on a sunny day, and most importantly, it is a climbs on a backpack. If I’m go to the space sheet, I’m replacing it with a space blanket, which also serves as an emergency shelter.

4. GPS receiver

Although it’s a GPS, I’m a must-have precaution. I mark everything I need in it – airports, highway turns, rebel checkpoints – as is the case where you can check if necessary. My Garmin eTrex Vista additionally satisfies the map and the map.

5. Flashlight

Know what the blindingly bright lights used? It is not only a compact battery, it can be used as a weapon of self-defense.

6. Digital camera

Of course, it’s also a great tool for the traveler. Do you want to find a nice restaurant? Lumix DMC-FX9S

6 indispensable things to travel

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