6 main myths of survivors and their dethronement

1. Stocks stew will survive

Stew, factory, purchased – product survivor.

It can be prepared by you, and you can prepare it. smoked, etc.). It is a lot of money to pay attention to the customer.

2. Flint – survivalist device

This can also include other items with questionable benefits, such as a titanium spoon, super cool knife.

Cricket lighters can be more than that. There are a great many psevdovyzhivalchiskih objects, such as a titanium spoon. It’s not a problem.

3. Garlic. Helps to save the product

It is important to add a bookmark with cereals, and maybe a bookmark with useful items.

It wasn’t really a good idea.

4. Stocks. Chances of survival

It is important to make sure that you’re not a lot of non-long-lived items. , you doom your family to permanent survival The life expectancy doesn’t increase. Survival skills bp for various reasons.

5. BP. It will inevitably come a lot of scripts have been invented. Can not be prevented

BP – It is a big fox for the first snow. Analog from fellow-survivors from America – SHTF (When the Shit Hits The Fan)

Dispelling the myth: In general, not everyone agrees. After all big pussies, such as the Chernobyl disaster, war, looting, the economic crisis. The disasters also are those that are trying to simulate, to predict. What side are you on?

6. When BP needs to survive alone

Backpacking away to his forest away.

Dispelling the right amount. Make it easier. However, it’s not possible.

BP. It is impossible to survive in BP. The competition will be too great.

A singleton also cant:

  • you can go hunting / gathering roots for water, etc.
  • survive if they get injured. Or a disease that makes food difficult
  • deal with 2 or 3 opponents

All of the above applies to a small family group.
It doesn’t concern – professional hunters, experienced tourists and others who consider themselves as such.

A source

Myths of the Vyzhivalshchikov and their debunking

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