6 main ways of preserving food

It is necessary to create unfavorable conditions for the development of microbes. It is not necessary to create such conditions “in all directions.” It is enough to show them the undesirable activity for us. Food processing based on this.

1. Cooling and freezing

Cooling and freezing­Products remain because of low temperatures­In the past, microbial activity ceases, although they remain viable.

2. Pickling and pickling (vegetables), urinating (fruits)

At the milk­acidic microbes that secrete a lot of lactic acid. When acidity rises significantly, adverse effects are created.­microbes, and for the lactic acid themselves. Damage becomes impossible, but become acidic.

The salt has been added.­chenii.

3. Marinating

This method, like pickling, is based on­increased acidity, but not due to the formation of lactic acid­added acetic acid. At the same time, microorganisms do not participate in the increase of acidity.

4. Drying

When the products are removed, they are not suitable for microbes. Microbes are sucked through a small container.­concentration of nutrients. When dried in some products (12-14% in vegetables, 18-20% in fruits). In such an amount of water soluble­substances that are very high, can not absorb the cells such a concentrated solution. Germs stay alive­capable of dried foods

5. Cooking fruits with sugar

When cooking with sugar, it is obtained. Microbes cant use sugar for food.

6. Salting (meat, fish)

With a very high concentration of­It is a boiled salt (10–15%).

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6 main ways of preserving food

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