6 major psychological problems surviving in BP

It was devoted to skills. Campfire, food / water / women, medicine and orientation. Mass of everything. But we always miss one side of the question. I’m talking about psychology surviving in hard times.

If life goes into “hard“. We will consider the situation for real Big peh, so to speak, a planetary scale. This is less ambitious, while it’s not quite so.

1. Your life will never be the same.

The first, it is not a problem.

It’s a scary holiday. The authorities will also be forgotten. So not everything is so bad. The situation is unlikely to change. At least in your lifetime.

2. you will be unexpected

The second understand what is happening.

Habitual lifestyles have disappeared, new ones have not been formed. How to be – is not clear. So from now on, uncertainty is your middle name. This is a great deal of social security. If you’re a kid, you’ll die. This is logical. The state will not fall apart. Do not even think about it. Of course, it’s not a problem. And it is unlikely to fall apart. This is not beneficial to anyone.

It shouldn’t be expected. Here, the wedding in Malinovka will be sooner: changes 3 times a day. And in all this confusion you have to live. What is there to advise … Yes, nothing special. Set short goals: chop wood, cook dinner, put children. This time. Define your limits. The old couple doesn’t take away. And stick to them, even when it comes to your soul.

3. You will only live to satisfy vital needs.

Third This is the time to go back to basic needs: food / water, warm / dry, alive / well, eating

After the arrival of a pee, it’s not. So you can plow. Of course you are my friend, experienced survivalist, it is a bunker with reserves. But how much of these reserves is enough? For a year, for two. Ok, by three. Then even canned food will begin to deteriorate. After some time food extraction.

Gathering and hunting no longer real. It was not a decree, but it wasn’t a rule of thumb, but it wasn’t a rule. It remains to the public fields. Not the worst, it turns out, an option. The main thing is to take.

4. You will become cruel

Fourth. You will be forced to become tougher. Unfortunately.

Around death, disease and hunger. These three will do their work. It is not true. So they knock on all doors. Unfortunately, will die. Maybe someone will die because of you. There will be many deaths in a big city. It is a cause of new diseases. Such a ridiculous vicious circle. This situation will break you. And believe, there are people who take advantage of this.

5. Fear will be your constant companion.

Fifth parade is fear.

Fear you can eat today. For all. This feeling will become inalienable. Sometimes it will be confused with caution, but in vain. To be afraid Fear mobilizes, panic immobilizes. So, if you are afraid of something. Take the phone from the beauty – do not count. In case of arrival BP one is superfluous.

Have you often heard the phrases beginning with the words “a real man should …”, “a man simply owes …”? This hour has come. You are no longer a person. By your need. It is unlikely that you will be able to watch TV. For you Big peh, this is the city of rotten city

Relax, if you have a family If you don’t try it, it’s not shine. Find out what you need to buy for your family. This is a joyless world.

6. At any time you can lose loved ones

Sixth It is a woman who is in a prolonged extreme situation.

Even though the feelings and emotions are dulled. It sounds like “right to die“Parent, child, partner. Anyone at any time. It is worth understanding It is your choice.

He has a lot of fun to do. The reasons for this decision are not important. The man decided that in another place he would be better. So let him go. It is worth deciding individually on a case-by-case basis.

It has been a great deal of freedom. If this does not happen – do not worry. You can’t see a change. It happens. You will not before. Other, deeper processes will occur. But they are too individual and not so obvious. Therefore, while we dwell on this.

6 major psychological problems surviving in BP

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