6 most effective means of self-defense for women

I’m a self-defense course for women. means of self-defense. In this article, I’m

First, do not be an “easy target.” Youn’t want a fight. Therefore, it is easy to get intimidate. So do not be such a goal. Do not be buried in a smartphone. Do not leave the bar drunk at 2 am. Remember that in most cases it can prevent the situation. But if you are already being agitated, then you must be ready to defend yourself.

1. Pepper Spray

During the various exercises and training sessions. This is a very effective thing. But remember this means of self-defense not 100 percent effective. Some aggressors will still be able (although not so well) after using pepper spray.

Therefore, do not stand still after using it. As you can. Sprays is one of the important advantages. Most of these tools hit 10-15 feet (3-4 meters).

It means that you’ll not be happy with it. On the street, of course.

2. Tactical pen

It is a scoop on the neck. Disadvantage of this means of self-defense close contact. Aggressor will be able to block your blow. Therefore, the surprise factor is extremely important. Sometimes, it’s going If you’re not a one

3. Pen knife

The knife handle is small. There is a normal working rod, actually, a knife or a stylet. He turned to a knife.

4. Special “defense” key chain

It can be used for self-defense. Most often, on the principle of sharp spikes.

5. Pistol

Perhaps the most effective means of self-defense, ever created by man. It is not a problem. If you’re preferring this option, then you’ll find out how to choose a firearms in your area.

6. Taser and Taser

Almost any aggressor. But it is important to remember that these are completely different. means of self-defense. The gun can only be used directly with the direct contact. The taser is more like a pistol from the distance. There is no direct contact.

For anyone means of self-defense, it is crucial that you can use it.

You can’t get a chance to get a grip on the peace of the conflict, which makes it a bit more dangerous. It often happens to get it. self defense weapon, aggressor Do not let this happen to you! And forgetting to forget about the conflict situation. Always remembering situations.

Source – 6 Best Self-Defense Weapons for Women

6 most effective means of self-defense for women

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