6 pistol shooting tips for beginners

God created men and Colonel

But if he is a talented person gunsmith the pistol is not worse than the baby pugach. It is not enough to have a weapon. If you’re taking a gun, it’s a good idea to shoot it. uncomfortable, anything bothers you make perfect shots. Therefore, training, training and more training. Easier to make novice arrows We advise you to remember the following simple rules.

1. Accuracy is more important than speed.

The best way to earn is to focus on the firing speed. “Goal will strike” novice shooter. It makes it possible to make rounds per minute, for each example. But in the hands of alas, it is extremely limited ammunition. It will come along with automatism.

2. Learn the theory

It is a matter of fact. And yes, even if this knowledge is purely theoretical, it is much easier.

3. It is necessary to move naturally.

Rhythms – breathing, heartbeat, involuntary trembling of the muscles. It doesn’t turn around; to the contrary novice arrow from the immediate task. Therefore, according to your rhythms. And that means waiting for the right moment. In any case, the weapon will be swayed. But they’re not always forcibly combining. But it’s not chasing speed.

4. Sighting is necessary

You need to get used to. You need to learn the experiment. So that novice shooter It has become clear that it must be clear that it has been the case. With experience, this number will decrease to two or three.

5. Concentrate on each shot.

The process of natural and automatic. If you are by yourself. It is for this novice arrows and need training.

6. If nothing happens – just shoot.

It stupidly. And catch the moment of shooting – too. It becomes harder and harder to concentrate. This is a very typical picture professional shooters. Seeing the biathlon competition, you can see it. Do not fall back on it. It is a very good idea to make it out.

Frankly, I shoot myself pistol frankly bad. Affected by the lack of practice and experience. Archery is a different matter. And that is what I really liked. The body of the body is the body of the body. Well, of course, training, training and more training.

6 pistol shooting tips for beginners

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