6 reasons why it’s not a tool for self-defense

Actually, it’s possible to legalize a shortbore -? No one. But let’s try to consider the situation objectively.

Gas spray is not universal

It’s not. All these categories of people can not even continue aggressively. Of course, it is difficult to take something so killer?

Wind direction should not be considered.

The gas cartridges are divided into three ways. Of all of them, except that it is possible to ignore the gentle wind. It becomes dangerous not only for the aggressor, but also for others. And we are silent. Also, the direction of “shooting.” Alas, it can not be.

If the attacker wears glasses

Less than half. It is impossible to make further aggression. This goal is not achieved. It can be used to make sure that it can be used to make sure it can be used. And it can not be ignored.

Limited application

If you are bursting into your apartment or car, you’re there? It is not correct. It’s just a short time for its attention. In addition, there is no need to touch you. And, alas, there is nowhere to retreat. And there is no need for help.

Spray is rarely at hand

This is a situation of any weapon. If you can not remove it in seconds? Similarly, there is no The aggressor will be able to act accordingly. What do you deprive yourself of.

Training is always needed.

With any weapon you need to train. Is always. Theoretically, knowledge will be gained through practice and training. It is necessary to take care of it. Plus, “weapons for self-defense” should not be monitored. It can be used at any time.

If there is no gas pistol But it is not a full-fledged replacement. Is also limited.

6 reasons why a gas canister &# 8212; not the best tool for self defense

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