6 rules for how to keep hiking boots in order

So, have you found adequate hiking boots, ideal for the foot and not too much. But you still need to make a nice hike. Shoes, must meet your needs. If you spend 200 hours, you spend 200 Fortunately, there will help boots get the maximum benefit and enjoyment from long hikes.

1. Clean and dry

Contrary to popular belief, dirt for tactical shoes is harmful! If you want to get rid of it.

If you are going to be able to get out. If your shoes get wet – put a crumpled newspaper in them, which will significantly speed up the drying. DO NOT PLACE them near a fire or heating appliance. The melted sole is sad.

A long transition requires more intensive cleaning. If necessary, use it to clean the surface. Special attention should be paid to the seams. After that, put hiking boots in a warm place.

2. Disinfect and keep dry

My shoes, usually after a long transition, exude an incomparable “bouquet” of aromas. It didn’t really make it. Therefore, cleaning and drying hiking boot your favorite antifungal spray. So it’s time to put it on. It will help you to relax.

3. Use protective spraying

Most hiking boots “Water-repellent layer” But then you’ll be grateful to you. After all, you’ve noticed that you’ve been on the go.

4. Watch your skin

If you have leather hiking boots, then you will need to treat your skin. If you wear your shoe, you’ll make sure that you’re not wearing any kind of waterproof membrane. Otherwise the legs will sweat. Sweat a lot.

Before applying a soft brush with water. Dry thoroughly and apply the impregnation, removing excess. Over-dried, cracked and damaged skin needs to be reprocessed. It is more than during the storage.

  • Advanced version. For the best protection of hiking boots, use a protective impregnation. Suitable, for example, branded wax impregnation for firefighters – Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Protectant, periodically immerse them in aggressive alkali. (about 12 bucks per 100 grams – editor’s note)
  • Medium option. The most common wax impregnation for shoes. Dry and wet skin. My personal choice hiking boots.
  • “A budget option. Personally, I use softened candle wax. It is even a short time, but it gives the shoe waterproof properties.

5. Follow the synthetics

Hiking boots to protect. Do not try to turn it into one. But it doesn’t have to be soaked with sweat or water.

  • Advanced version. Impregnated from Nikwax provides protection not only skin, but also synthetics. Since it’s not expensive, it’s not worth it.
  • Medium option. Grangers Performance Waterproofer (about 8 bucks a piece) Nikwax products. But it’s definitely better than nothing!
  • “A budget option. Several” pshikov “

6. Watch for laces

Lacing can be the “Achilles heel” even for the most reliable hiking shoes. Slippery or torn shoelaces can ruin everything. Therefore, you can always use the improved model.

  • Advanced version. “Rhino laces” – unsurpassed hiking laces. It was a direct fire and machete strikes. But I couldn’t really find 20 bucks – for the couple of laces. But if I had extra money, I would definitely take it!
  • Medium option. Obenauf’s Industrial Strength (about 6 bucks). Laces with a solid reputation, even if you can’t resist fire and machetes.
  • “Just take the liongest and 4 spare pairs.

Original article – Ontario Outdoors: Your Hiking Boots

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