6 spyware skills that will be in everyday life

For the term “survival” and “for survival”. For example, survival in society, or more specifically, survival in a work team. It is no secret that it is often associated with the failures of fellow workers. This is not a sequence of your quickness.

He was in the middle of the world. It can be perfectly applied. So, 6 spyware skills.

1. Do not split during interrogation

Use when the boss hits you.

“Use the Stanislavsky system,” he said, “MI-6 Harry Ferguson, sharing the secrets of the craft. “Dave Thomas, a former secretary of service and consultant for covert surveillance (spy-games.com). Watch your gestures: for example, Well, or allergies to laundry detergent.

2. Create alliances

Use when … go for a raise.

Harry Ferguson is a simple and always reliable. “The KGB used this technique during the Cold War. “It’s a gift,” he says. Good relationships are invaluable during a combat operation – for example, a forced march along the career ladder. So you can give you a gift. Trivia such as chocolates, tickets to the circus, or just to practical work tips. “Don’t forget about flattery,” adds the former MI6 agent.

3. Protect information

Use when you notice traces.

But he says, “Dave Thomas. If necessary, you will be able to keep track of your computer’s needs, ”he advises. – When leaving the office. If you’re on returning, you can’t see it. ”Easier than fingerprinting the keyboard, right?

4. Learn the enemy

Use when eliminating a competitor.

Find out who your rival is. Determine what causes its most base, primitive emotions, especially greed, anger or narcissism. And push these buttons. “Adopting the benefits of this,” advises military intelligence officer, author of the book “Spying Guide,” Barry Davis. – to reveal their secrets. Information is more precious than gold. “

5. Manipulate Agents

Use when you lead a team.

It is important to avoid rectilinear dominance. “It gives you a lot of advantages,” says the agent Ferguson. “By your next door to your team.” For this, they facilitate your career advancement with their support. And, perhaps, even treat you to a drink.

6. Get rid of the tail

Use when you collect valuable corporate gossip.

The nonsense is a list of operational information. Be it an office, corporate or a conference. “The first rule is no emotion, no matter what you hear or learn,” emphasizes Dave Thomas. “And don’t ask too many questions.” And you shouldn’t stand out, dress defiantly and attract attention to yourself. Best suited dark blue or black. “

6 spyware skills that will be in everyday life

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